Ten Years of Áthas Plus Rant Maggie Rant and Celtic Twist.

Ten Years of Áthas Plus Rant Maggie Rant and Celtic Twist.


To be together for ten years is worth celebrating. I remember we spend only few years in school and then we part. Years later we see each other, this time with families and kids. Things are no longer the same. But to be in a musical group and to have that time (to not just support each other creatively but also as friends) is a gift! This happened to the band áthas and they marked their tenth anniversary with an album called 10 for 10.

According to their website:

May of 2015 marked 10 years of us together as áthas. To celebrate and as a way to say thanks to our fans and supporters, we decided to put together some live tracks and radio appearances from the past several years. We hope you enjoy this stroll down memory lane! 

I say it is a great way to release an album. You can listen to the tracks, stream it or buy it; in any way you can as long as you continue to support independent Celtic music is a blessing! Listen to the music here.


New record by 

Rant Maggie Rant coming up!


Make way for this amazing Canadian band as they unleash new songs for eager ears. Just dropped by their Twitter page out of curiosity and found their latest tweet. Thank you so much Twitter for making my life colorful. At least I don’t have to go back to Facebook for a while to know what’s new in music. I can stay here and still be informed.

So yes they have a new album called Latitude and I was able to listen to their previous tunes and I’d say they will never disappoint you. Take a peek and hear snippets by going to their official site.


Celtic Twist

2011 onwards were strange years for me. So many things happened. Some were so delightful I go over them in my mind when I have the time. There were also sad times which I never bothered to really address.But sometimes regret can open doors. Sometimes anger can pave way to possibilities and opportunities. Resentment can be a powerful tool when you know how to use it-by diffusing the rage and take brave steps to the other side…

I think it’s the same year that I got to know Phil Holland. She made me listen to her albums plus her new project, Celtic Twist(with Dave  Palmley). For a while we had fun sharing music and ideas through Facebook. She has this powerful voice and I was delighted with the things she did to the voice, the experimentation and all. But Facebook was not really their playground. They removed their page.

For a few years I kept wondering what happened to them. I recently got in touched with them through Twitter(again Twitter you are awesome!) and so the thread continues. We might no longer share the same luxury of communicating due to our schedules but it is good to see them healthy and making great music!


Cumbria Cardboard Harp Project

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I have been visiting the page of this wonderful project called the Cumbria Cardboard Harp Project by musician Mary Dunsford. I owe this discovery to my friend Scott Hoye who is a recording artist. He posted this in Celtic Harp (https://www.facebook.com/groups/celticharp/)  for everyone to see.

This workshop teaches  beginners how to play using cardboard lap harps,  making the once challenging instrument more accessible. I think this is amazing! Everyone can do it. It simply makes this instrument less intimidating for people who think harps are difficult to learn.

Mary Dunsford  is a harp teacher, professional musician and passionate ambassador to the harp. She  has been teaching harp for a decade already, resulting to a publication of an instructional harp book  for adult beginners.  It isn’t too late to learn new things and this is what she has been teaching everyone.
If you are curious, please go ahead and like the Cumbria Cardboard Harp Project in facebook. You might find yourself a part of her workshop and really enjoy life and music to the fullest!

Now when you become an expert, you might want to join this : http://www.furnesstradition.org.uk/


Legends of the Celtic Harp

North American fans are in for a musical treat this July. Four shows are scheduled for Legends of the Celtic Harp. According to Lisa Lynn Franco:

Four California shows with Patrick Ball, Aryeh Frankfurter and myself performing “Legends of the Celtic Harp” a musical tribute to the true stories and folklore of the harp through time. It is a wonderful show and Patrick is his usual self…Which is brilliant! It’s funny and moving and touches the heart.

Santa Cruz on July 5, Santa Barbara on July 6, Pasadena on July 7 and Fresno on July 8. Write me for details or visit www.LegendsOfTheCelticHarp.com

Music for a Peaceful Heart , the albumhas been out since May 1. She is one of those musicians who introduced the atmospheric beauty and grace of the Celtic harp. The Circle of Joy is still my favorite instrumental track of all time.