Eve at Celtic Connections 2014 Live

I like first hand information on events as huge as The Celtic Connections. I have been watching uploads and news related to it. I also know who in my friend's list are performing. It is great to see musicians come together in Glasgow every year to perform music together and even sit down and discuss about possible [...]


Kickstarter campaign for “North Star”by Kyle Carey is up!

https://d2pq0u4uni88oo.cloudfront.net/projects/688599/video-293469-h264_high.mp4 Yep folks. The one and only Kyle Carey from New-England is releasing a follow-up to her beautiful debut 'Monongah'  North Star will be produced by  Seamus Egan, founder of the acclaimed Irish American band Solas, So I know what you are thinking out there. It's going to fantastic! She has the gift of writing songs and the [...]

Kickstarter Campaign for North Star by Kyle Carey (2nd album)

  It is amazing how we've come a long way. Before, we merely rely on the recommendations from friends, word of the mouth from experts and also through the whims of record execs. Finally, that dream album will happen.  Now the power to put whatever music we want to the top has arrived. One of [...]

Fraser Fifield: Relationship of sounds and styles(Interview)

Also in this edition: Colin Nea, Therese Honey and Enda Seery Plays: saxophone/whistle/kaval/bagpipes/percussion/composition From: Edinburgh, United Kingdom. About: musician, composer and producer. With the excitement of an upcoming album, Fraser Fifield talks to The Celtic Music Fan about music and what makes collaborative musical work interesting. This week’s special attention is given to Scottish musician, composer and producer Fraser Fifield. [...]

Rachel Hair: All Things Celtic Harp(Interview)

Plus: Somerset Folk Harp Festival, Athas'tour pic and schedules, Celtic vampire novel by Karen Victoria Smith and Delta Rae ...so emotional and beautiful! Scottish harpist Rachel Hair notes down her tips on how to get into this fascinating musical instrument: The Celtic harp! It was through my discovery of harp music that got me  started [...]