Review of North Star a new album by Kyle Carey

Review of North Star a new album by Kyle Carey

Why a casual Celtic music fan would love North Star by singer/songwriter Kyle Carey-It has a universal appeal. 

Every album is a musical journey. The experience is always complete when one listens to all the tracks in the album (in the order they were recorded) instead shuffling.I think Kyle Carey has worked hard in recording every track in North Star. This is a follow -up to her highly acclaimed Monongah. Every nuance is given emphasis.

North star is a journey across continents. It has taken her to Scotland, in order to record the twelve tracks, each with its own story to tell. In the title track (Northern Star), she sings of how each point of light draws a constellation. Like the album itself, it is about seeing the bigger picture from the complexity of notes and melodies. We are part of each other. We are connected by this endless chain of histories. The album is a testament to the modern and ancient Celts. North Star Cover

Apart from the melodic merits, North Star has superb packaging and meticulous recording process.The music doesn’t intrude. Yes it draws you in because of the beautiful songs (this includes the instruments, the chords and yes the amazing voice of Kyle Carey). This is highly recommended for lovers of chill out pop and indie folk. Her sound has evolved. She blends Gaelic and English songs in this album seamlessly. Everything feels supple, organic and also healing.

The word north conjures many thoughts. One of them is the cold and quiet that an artist needs in the gestation period of his or her creativity. North Star is Polaris which has been embodied in a lot of myths. The fact that this album is produced by Seamus Egan proves that she is backed by stalwart talents.

North Star is one of the great releases of this decade. Everything works. Her vocals are more stretched and exploited as there are tracks where she lets those pipes loose. I love Sios Dhan An Abhainn. I got goose bumps listening to that song. It is my personal favorite. Across the Great Divide is also poignant and memorable.

And lastly…I love the album artwork. I think the images and overall design give justice to the feel of the album. Her persistence and professionalism has paid off. This started off as a crowdfunding project. This album proves that those who are passionate about this kind of music are out there! Now looking forward to the next album.


I among those fascinated by the music of Breton singer/songwriter Cecile Corbel. It has something more to do with the melodies in her songs than her vocals or arrangements. Although it is worth noting that her arrangements are superb as well! She’s one of those artists celebrating the beauty of Breton music(the other one is Nolwenn Leroy). I think these two artists are the best  in terms of putting out Celtic music with pop appeal. She continues to dazzle our imagination with her Arthurian concept.

This is a captivating song called Entendez-vous from  La Fiancée. Would you agree it’s beautiful in all aspects?


Celtic Colours Int’l Cape Breton, Canada

Celtic Colours continues to be an influential festival in North America. Great shows, fantastic artists and a wide array of genres (or colours). Here’s a Soundcloud sampler of music you get to hear when you attend the festival.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Next, I will be writing about American group Soulsha: Afro-Celtic Funk, so watch out for this one.

Watch the Official Cecile Corbel Video Entendez-Vous -from the upcoming album La Fiancée

Watch the Official Cecile Corbel Video Entendez-Vous -from the upcoming album La Fiancée

Wow Cecile Corbel is back. This time with a new album called “La Fiancée.” As she states in her official website:

September’s here again !!!
I’m happy to announce that my new album “La Fiancée” will be released on October 6…
Can’t wait to share the Cd booklet and the songs with you !
Hope to see you soon

I just saw the video called “Entendez Vous” and I got goosebumps. It’s so beautifully realized that you can tell she takes her Celtic influences seriously. I did see pictures of the shoot as I follow her Instagram account. It has images that could be telling us about her native Brittany. In a way it also looks Arthurian with the water nymphs, wood fairies and elves.

The music of Cecile Corbel has always been wrapped in mystery, mythology and medieval stylings.It has that continental appeal. Her sound will appeal to those who are fans of Enya, Moya Brennan, Loreena McKennitt and Connie Dover. Plus the album packaging is always excellent! Can’t wait to hear the entire album. It will be released through Polydor records.

La Fiancée



Cecile Corbel – Sweet Amaryllis

Cécile Corbel
“Sweet Amaryllis” (John Wilbye/Corbel)
Original music video (c) Bran Music 2012
from the album “SongBook vol.3”

Cecile Corbel on tour!

Do you ever get this impulse of being stuck in one song and finding your self playing it again and again? I know it isn’t what normal people do because what happens is when a song ends you move to the next track. Today, I found myself getting stuck in this one song by Breton musician Cecile Corbel. The song is called Mary and there is this stanza that goes:

Mary was a sailor
But she is drowned to die
She sleeps under the sea
Mary ever on her way

Kind of morbid don’t you think? But the music of Brittany has always been steeped in stories of seafarers. This song made me go to her website and I saw her new video called Sweet Amaryllis taken from the new album Songbook 3. I am impressed by her knack for powerful melodies and tight vocal harmonies. This is a kind of music that artists like Moya Brennan and  fellow Breton Nolwenn Leroy make. Very catchy and haunting at the same time. Need I say that her videos are always appealing ? She is on tour right now and more can be found in

An Hini A Garan”The One I Love”-Cecile Corbel

It looks like our Breton lass is really getting big in Japan. Good luck to you Cecile!

Cecile Corbel – live session
An Hini a garan “the one I love”

Musicians :
Cecile Corbel : harp & vocals
Pascal Boucaud : bass
Cyril Maurin : Guitar
JB Mondoloni : bodhran
Eric Zorgniotti : cello
Laurent Muller : viola
Gilles Donge : violin

recorded live at the Satellit Café – Paris – march 2010 – (c) Bran Music

Northern Roots Festival as Chronicled in Brush by Paul Taggart

Paul Taggart is a Scottish painter who recently became my contact in facebook. He uploaded and provided a link to this video, and now you have it. Look at his WORK in the middle of this video. One day I am going to ask questions from this artist and have them posted here. I listen to Hank Williams and this is a wonderful surprise.


A further video from Northern Roots Festival 2010 featuring Dean Owens, Bruce MacGregor, Lorraine Lucas, Bob Massie and others at the “Are you sure Hank did it this way? tribute to Hank Williams. A wonderful Saturday afternoon had by all in the Musicians’ Snug & Bistro.

My friend from Ireland Donie Ryan ( also a painter sent me a link to a Christy Moore video. As you might remember, Donie became our guest last time when I ask him about his art. Here is the Video. Enjoy!

More news…..

Cecile Corbel will start her performance dates in Japan this August. one of which is the anticipated performance in Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall

Here are the dates:

Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall
08/04/2010, 19:00
Festival Rock in Japan
08/07/2010, 00:00

I finally got Fiona J MacKenzie’s new(autographed) CD  A Good Suit of Clothes (songs of the immigrant gael) and I tell you, I am so moved by the beautiful arrangement and her voice! I will write more about it here soon.

Just look at these reviews of her album:

Cecile Corbel:A Breton Lady in Japanese Anime

Great news to Cecile Corbel fans! A soundtrack to “Kari-gurashi” will be release on April 7. Cecile composed the soundtrack for this anime.Previously, she reported this in her site:

A Breton Lady in Tokyo

After “Ponyo on the cliff by the sea” The Ghibli Studios just announced that they are working on a new movie, entitled “Karigurashi no Arrietty”, directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi.

Ghibli’s movies have always been a great source of inspiration for me, many of them are part of my favorite movies ever : “Spirited away”, “My neighbour Totoro” “Princess Mononoke”, “Kiki’s delivery service” and many more… There is a long list and I can definitely not choose which one is my favorite!
I’m very happy to share the news with you and to announce that I’m composing the soundtrack for this new movie.
This is a great honor and a very nice present for me to be part of this beautiful project, and I’m working on the music and songs composition since May 2009 with my partner and friend Simon Caby.
The movie will be released next summer 2010 in Japan.
The very first teaser will be broadcasted during the Christmas holidays in Japan including the main music theme “Arrietty’s song” (digital release in Japan on December 19 2009)
Official website available here :

For now, a lot of travelling between Paris and Tokyo, and a couple of jananese lessons 😉

I listened to the sample and it is beautiful that it will really spirit you away into the world of this movie. Cecile, Celticmusicfan is proud of you and is glad of this achievement. I also admire how the Japanese embrace Celtic music like no other. You can check the soundtrack here:



Download the songs from itunes:

Oh Muse Where Art Thou?

Today’s writing gives tribute to the muses in flesh and blood and beyond. Do you remember that very first person in your life that made you take on a journey, maybe not physically but rather spiritually or aesthetically? Ever since then have you been following the beat of your personal drum? A lot of people took different courses in their lives when they’re hit by something. Maybe they realized  it is a wrong career choice or they’re just expected to be that way. I studied Psychology to be a Guidance Counselor but here I am now toying with aesthetics and spreading the muses of notes.

On the pic: Cecile Corbel

On the pic: Cecile Corbel

Enya studied music to be a piano teacher. But  meeting  Nicky and Roma Ryan made her embark on a musical journey that literally too years starting in 1982. She made that decision, lived with it and never looked back ever since. Have you made the same decision based on gut feeling, or is it conviction? Sometimes we make decisions in life that would be considered crazy . But then again who knows? I guess when you listen to your soul, you will now what it tells you. Especially when you get financial and artistic success out of it.

On the picture: Jenne Lennon

On the picture: Jenne Lennon

Loreena McKennitt, studied to be a veterinarian. But the call of Celtic music was strong in her blood that she had to follow it. It wasn’t easy because she had to market her recordings at that time and eventually own her own record label(Quinlan Road) which was a rare feat for a woman in those days. Have you ever tried to do things your way no matter how financially hard it is?  Did that voice inside you said that you have to go on no matter what because it is something you must do to stay sane? I will take this quote from Brian Tracy: The depth of your belief and the strength of your conviction determines the power of your personality.

Cecile Corbel studied to be an Archeologist. Right now she has two albums out. There are lots ands lots of musicians out there who continue to create wonderful music . Those of you who read my interviews here realize that a real musical career is not an easy road. Sure there are popular acts out there who are younger and sell millions of records-but until when and to what extent? We know what celebrity lifestyle does to people. Family value is not the only reason that make sane people. Experience as well as the company of good people also contribute to this. This applies to all of us no matter what careers we choose. We have to love what we’re doing in order for things to follow. And we have to make sure that we are surrounded by people who have our best interest in life.

Personally, I think music is supposed to be a vehicle of healing other than just a means of expression. I love all kinds of music.  There are those that come and go. You know the kind that you love the first time you hear it but grows stale with late. Then there are those that just grows on you and you don’t mind listening to again and again. You can fake production . But you can’t fake passion.The time and energy a musician put on the record to ensure that it is ripe for the world , is also the time it takes for the record to stay in everyone’s ear.

So have you sat down today and thought about what you really want in your life? If you have then amen to that. Who knows? One day you might become that strange and exciting voice  we will be hearing. Or the creator of that music that we will always love.

Celtic Music News

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New Loreena McKennitt Limited Edition CD To Be Released This Fall.


To Loreena McKennitt fans out there, a new limited edition CD A Mediterranean Odyssey is going to be released this fall. More details on this  at her official website Quinlan Road.



Cecile Corbel is on tour in Germany and left us a message.  It is really nice of her to inform us what’s going on. As I have mentioned she will be a special guest here :

Hi Thanks for the questions. I’m now on tour on Germany but I will have some free days next week and I will take time to read and answer everything. You should receive my answers before the end of next week ! have a nice weekend.

Sincerely yours

Cecile Corbel

Cecile Corbel has also been featured on this blog dedicated to Celtic music.

Sweet Song – Cecile Corbel new video

Yes! I was able to have a brief chat with Cecile Corbel and she has agreed to be our next guest! This so exciting because I have been a fan of her music since Songbook 1 her debut album. She has a new album out called Songbook 2 this year. So as a teaser, this is the new music video from branmusicfrance , her official You Tube channel.

Singer and Harpist Cecile Corbel was born in Brittany, in the Finistère, at the very west of Europe…
As a child, she travels all over Brittany with her parents, who were puppeteers.
In her teens, after learning the guitar, she discovered the Celtic harp.

Singer and Harpist Cecile Corbel was born in Brittany, in the Finistère, at the very west of Europe…

As a child, she travels all over Brittany with her parents, who were puppeteers.

In her teens, after learning the guitar, she discovered the Celtic harp.