The Winter Mountain 2014 UK Tour Interview.

The Winter Mountain 2014 UK Tour Interview.

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filmed in April 2013.
Directed by Jack Liley –
Edited by Duncan Rice –
All copyrights for video and audio belong to Charcoal Records 2013

Winter Mountain (Joseph Francis and Martin Smyth) are a folk duo that incorporate a wide gamut of musical influences. It is hard to pigeonhole their style or their alliance to one specific sub-genre. But one thing remains: they are here to deliver high quality music for discriminating ears like you and me.

If you want to read about their interesting history, check this page:

Below is the interview with Winter Mountain. Big thanks to my friend Paula who talked to the artists after the Cara Dillon concert she attended with our Gilly.

  1. On the scale of 1 to 10, how’s the UK tour going in terms of the excitement.

It’s extremely exciting. We are loving the opportunity to get out there and play our original music. It’s an honour.

  1. Your new album is out in different formats including CD which I love! How’s the experience recording the tracks.

    Winter Mountain concert. Photo by Paula.

    Winter Mountain concert. Photo by Paula.

Recording is perhaps the most rewarding of all the different components that make up a life in music. You get to witness a song you’ve written at home with an acoustic guitar grow into this enormous sonic piece of art. We recorded at some legendary Studios. Also, we were lucky enough to meet a couple of our heroes whilst recording the album. Robbie McIntosh of the Pretenders, Paul McCartney and John Mayer came and played slide guitar on a few tracks. We were honoured!

  1. Can you cite memorable experiences touring with Cara Dillon?

Touring with Cara is an amazing experience because she has one of the most beautiful voices in the world, and that’s no exaggeration. Between her, her husband/keyboard player/producer Sam Lakeman and her band there is so much that we can learn. Just being able to spend time talking and playing with musicians of that experience and calibre is an honour.

  1. Do you like meeting fans and hearing what they have to say about your music and why do you think it is important?

It’s great to hear from fans. There’s nothing better than hearing about how one of the songs you’ve written may have affected that persons life.

  1. I have many favorites including She a Little Light and Tell me. What pushed the move for both of you to release an album?


    Onstage with Cara Dillon and crew. Photo by Paula.

We wanted to spread our creative wings. We had recorded an EP which was going down well and we felt like we had more to offer. The album is in a fairly eclectic mix of styles and with both really pleased that we managed to draw on a lot of our individual different musical influences. There simply wasn’t room for that on the EP.

  1. Can you site your musical influences?

Where to begin?! Simon and Garfunkel, the Everly Bros, the Beatles, The Police, Ryan Adams, Cat Stevens, Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor… We could go on and on and on!

  1. What can we expect from Winter Mountain this year?

Touring, touring, touring! We have a full UK tour coming up in November and loads more dates in 2015 to come!

  1. Are you planning to work on another album next year?

We are writing all the time so there will probably be an album in 2015. We have so many live commitments currently that it’s difficult to find time to get in the studio!

  1. Message to your listeners?


    So proud of the postcard and CD. Thanks to Paula for making these possible.

Thanks to everyone for listening, thanks to everyone who came to our recent shows and to everyone who supported us in any way over the last few years. We hope to see you out on the road again on our November/December 2014 tour of the UK.

Know more about the Winter Mountain Autumn tour here:

Shotgun Down The Avalanche by Cara Dillon from the New Album “A Thousand Hearts”

Shotgun Down The Avalanche by Cara Dillon from the New Album “A Thousand Hearts”

This was posted last April 30. This was supposed to be a blog but I noticed it was part of the ‘menu’ section above. I took it down and placed it here for everyone to see:

Folk diva Cara Dillon is making rounds all over the UK to promote her new album A Thousand Hearts. I already sent the interview questions to her publicist Ali and I am just waiting for the results. It is amazing to finally be able to ask her directly everything related to her musical career. Big thanks to my friend Paula for watching her concert and getting me the spot to do an interview. Here is one of the songs from that album and it’s called Shotgun Down the Avalanche.

It is a fantastic folk ballad featuring Sam Lakeman’s acoustic guitar (joined by equally amazing musicians). Her voice always awakens something in me. It is a beautiful voice that sounds like it’s coming from the pipes of a sad angel.

Buy the new album here:

Cara Dillon Talks about A Thousand Hearts  in the Midst of Her Tour

Cara Dillon Talks about A Thousand Hearts in the Midst of Her Tour


Winter Mountain and Cara Dillon concert

Winter Mountain and Cara Dillon concert


Cara Dillon took time to answer this interview with The Celtic Music Fan. She talks about the new album A Thousand Hearts plus how she takes good care of her amazing voice! Photos by Paula.

This is a dream come true. I’ve been listening to the albums of Cara Dillon for years. It never occurred to me that one day she would be answering questions for The Celtic Music Fan. It seems far fetched at that time. I am glad it finally  happened! Big thanks to my friend Paula who attended the concert (along with our common friend Gill). She was the one who connected me to Ali of Charcoal records. The pictures in this interview were taken during the concert.


1. Hi Cara, I am sure your global fans are excited about your latest offering “A Thousand Hearts”. Are you nervous, excited…happy?

 I’m really thrilled to be releasing another album and I feel it’s some of my strongest work. I’m excited about what people may think and I hope they enjoy it as much as my others. 

2. I checked the track listing and I noticed you recorded two Irish Gaelic tunes: ÉRIGH SUAS A STÓIRÍN and TÁIMSE IM’ CHODLADH. I am excited to hear your version of these Sean Nos songs. What encouraged to record them?

I’ve been singing Érigh Suas A Stóirín for over 20 years and even recorded it in my first band “Oige”. Sam had a different take on the song and has injected more energy into it. Táimse  im’ Chodladh is a song that I’ve been aware of for many years and never felt confident enough to sing. It’s a beautiful melody and very intimate so I felt we should only record it when I was in the right mindset. 

3. You are touring with Sam to promote the album. How’s it  going so far?

It’s going fantastic. The concerts are almost all sold out and the audiences are amazing. They’re so  attentive and they really seem to be hungry for the new material. I won’t lie, it’s a challenge to juggle family life with three children and going on the road to do shows and promotional appearances but I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

4. You are now folk’s first lady. Are you thrilled about that?

I’m not sure I would agree…there are so many amazingly talented female performers out there, it seems that we all get a moment in the spotlight and I’m blessed that I’m passing through one now. 

5. Tell us about your own label Charcoal Records.

Sam and I formed the label to release “Hill Of Thieves” in 2008. We had been signed to major labels since we were 19 years old and felt that we really needed to seize back control. We wanted to dictate our own agenda and schedules and it’s been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. “Hill Of Thieves” has been my most successful by far and most recently led to us popping up on Sony’s radar who has just licensed “A Thousand Hearts” worldwide. It’s a dream situation as they essentially want to promote the record to as many people as possible without having any creative control over us.    We also used the label to sign a duo called Winter Mountain who we saw open for us in a tiny pub in Donegal a few years back. Sam produced their debut album and they’re currently on tour throughout the UK and Ireland. It’s been a very satisfying journey helping give them the experience we never had while being signed to major labels. We can steer and advise them about the pitfalls of the industry and try to make it a fulfilling as possible….check them out, they’re amazing. 

6. You mentioned that you don’t really search for materials in a conventional sense. How did you and your team approach the recording of A Thousand Hearts?

 The team is just Sam and I so the buck stops with us. Both our heads are full of traditional songs and tunes. Some are favourites because we’ve known them since we were children, others are new or recently discovered. We just start playing songs together, starting with our favourites and see which ones jump out and take on a life of their own. After a while a solid collection forms and it becomes apparent if there needs to be additions to add light or shade. We never contemplate a song the other doesn’t like. There are some that we love that didn’t make it to the album as they didn’t fit with the others quite so well. 

7. You have an amazing voice. How do you care for it? What are the things you avoid and things you incorporate to maintain such amazing talent?

Thank you. In all the years I’ve been singing you’re the first person to ask how I care for my voice. There is one golden rule…try not to talk or stay up late after a concert. I always do a few warm ups before I sing, usually over the course of an hour or so, this has the added benefit of helping me to relax as well. I almost always go out front to meet the audience and sign CD’s so there’s a bit of chatting, but if I get dragged to a pub or stay up late in the hotel bar then there’s usually only one outcome and that’s a weak voice the next few days. 

8. I am a big fan of Sam Lakeman’s arrangement and production. What are the things that fans can expect in the new album?

I will let him know you’re a fan. He is so talented and always bows to the song. If you listen to my earlier albums his production is adventurous and expansive but on “A Thousand Hearts” it’s extremely intimate in places and full of driving rhythm in others. He always manages to pitch the tone of every song in exactly the right place. The new album is entirely acoustic and in places it sounds like the whole band is sitting in the same room playing live. He’s captured some really fine performances and the result is a natural and relaxed sound. 

9. Where can they get A Thousand Hearts?

 You can get signed copies of the CD direct from my online store. Also, this is my first album to be released on vinyl…just go to 

10. Thanks for your time!

You’re most welcome x 




Cara Dillon performed with Winter Mountain. Pictures below.




Check out:


The Baxteria #10 Podcast

The Baxteria #10 Podcast

My post Halloween special featuring The Hothouse Flowers on autodj and special guest Kyle Carey joins us on an interview in the Celtic music hour. More goodies on the indie variety show.

Tracks played:

Hothouse Flowers-I’m Sorry
Hothouse Flowers-Your Love Goes On
Hothouse Flowers-One Tongue
Hothouse Flowers-Forever More
Hothouse Flowers-Born
Hothouse Flowers-The Older We Get
Hothouse Flowers-Thing of Beauty
Hothouse Flowers-Alright
Hothouse Flowers-Gypsy Fair
Hothouse Flowers-Learning to Walk
Hothouse Flowers-Out of Nowhere
Hothouse Flowers-Saved
Hothouse Flowers-Si Do Mhamo i
Altan-Cuach mo Lon Dubh Buí
Cara Dillon-Black is the Colour
Kyle Carey-One Morning in May
Kyle Carey-Interview with
Samuel Smith-Song for Leon
Darren Lynch-Spancil Hill(live)
Steven Hawson-Banjo tribute to Jimmy Shand
Mick McAuley-The House Carpenter
Tri Yann & Alan Stivell-Tri Martolod
The Sisters of Mercy-Walk Away
Bauhaus-Bela Lugosi’s Dead
Active Child-I’m in your Church at Night
Heyward Howkins-Praline Country
Ghost Hotel-All Day Ocean
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros-Better Days Live
Grizfolk-The Struggle
Pedro Martins & Layne Greene-Into the Mystic (Van Morrison) Cover
Velvet Underground-Who Loves The Sun
Alex Pardini-No One Is Like Everyone Else
The Sisters of Mercy-Lucretia My Reflection
Peter Chains-Carrion Crows
Lisa Gerrard-All along the watchtower

As heard on

Introducing Athrú

Introducing Athrú



Michael Og McCloskey – Bodhran
Roisin McCloskey – Whistles/Flutes
Cormac Crummey – Fiddle/Banjo/Bouzouki
Niall McIlroy – Whistles/Flutes
Damian McIlroy – Guitar/Fiddle

Athrú:Another traditional Irish band from Antrim Northern Ireland. The exuberant tunes and brilliant musicianship are not to be missed by lovers of Celtic music.

The Last Pint which is the first track off their online debut  EP already tells you what this contemporary Irish trad group can create: beautiful melodies, exciting tunes and great instrumental renditions. I could not stop moving my head to the energetic rhythms. Bodhran,whistles,flutes, fiddle, banjo,bouzouki and guitar are all showcased each having its own spotlight in this wondrous carousel of instrumental fun.

The Inver Bank Set lights up the playlist with its own brand of rhythm and  partying of instruments. By the time you hear Marga’s you will be smiling because the tin whistle sounds joyful. All the instruments sound like they like to be with each others company. Athrú is another example of such wonderful outcropping of traditional Irish bands in Northern Ireland. It’s the same place that gave us talents like Cara Dillon, Déanta, Realta and of course our artist of the week Eve Williams. You’ve got to watch out for this band because they have more amazing stuff waiting to be unleashed.

They are influenced by such diverse music of Beoga, Flook, Patrick Davey, Lunasa,  John McSherry, Emma Sweeney, LA and Moxie among others.

Current update:

We’re playing at the “Trad for Rescue” concert tonight night in The Wild Duck Portglenone. Admission £6 and concert starts at 8.30pm. Niamh McGlinchey, Kask and Ioscaid will all be performing! If your free head on down :)-Athrú




There are amazing stuff going on in my news feed again so I want to share some of them with you:

This was originally shared and posted by 67 Music:

Pacific NW singer/songwriter, Colleen Raney is underway with preparations for a new album. It wasn’t to long ago that we caught up with her on the release of “Lark”.

You can get involved with this worthy project!
Go to and contribute. We wish Colleen the best of luck and look forward to the new release!

Irish singer Colleen Raney has a wonderful new album entitled “Lark”, and held several CD Release Parties to celebrate. 67 Music caught up with her at The Secret Society Ballroom in Portland on Jan. 22nd, 2011, two days after the official release.
SkOt talks with Colleen prior to her show about her new record and other topics.
Learn more about Colleen, her music, tour dates and news at:

Throw your music map and dive!

Throw your music map and dive!

In this edition: Eve Williams, Clan Suibhne, Dom Duff, Colin Nea, Connie Dover , Mark Harmer and Planxty.

It is 2013. Four years after I officially launched this site. In the past four years, I met a lot of talented musicians and listened to their amazing music. In the past four years I met interesting readers who turned out to be bloggers too. In the past four years I poured my heart out, experienced joy and at some point almost lost my sanity. But I never gave up blogging and maintaining this site. Despite the personal earthquakes I experienced in this life, this one seems to be left unscathed. This is my baby. This is my love. It’s been four years. And here’s The Celtic Music Fan looking forward to more discoveries, more mistakes, more success and more joy! Let the fun begin again.

Eve Williams-Twenty Miles from Home

New CD from UK based singer/songwriter Eve Williams

Think of the soft approach of Cara Dillon and  the vocal power of Evanescence.

It is always a great experience when I discover new music. This is only possible without a map. Personal maps obscure our chances of finding something new out there. Especially when we are so used to the formula we created and the comfort zone we find hard to let go. I wondered if this is the same thing that ran inside the mind of Eve Williams when she created Twenty Miles from Home.

It is an eclectic album full of  surprises wrapped in a blanket of atmosphere. There are things that are consistently noticeable in the midst of variety. All the twelve tracks are melodic. Her voice is superb and full bodied. She is also a writer which explains her interesting lyrics references to classical literature.

In my other blog friend who is a guest blogger wrote about Music Theory. I think we have to admit that people who make artfully crafted music are those who at least in some part of their musical development, had undergone music studies. The maintaining discipline  in creating and also in the performing part is probably hard because music is such an emotional medium. It is easy to get lost and let everything rip through.

Twenty Miles from Home strikes me as a balance of  emotion and control. It is also a recording done with minimalist approach to instruments. This gives us a chance to hear how Eve can showcase her vocal talents. I sometimes find it hard to listen to something overly produced because you have a lot of sounds coming from every direction. Which in turn makes it hard to concentrate to the few aspects. But this album proves to be something that even listeners with short attention span can feast in.

I realized that listening to different systems also yield different results. When I listened to this through a computer, it didn’t give me too much probably due to the speakers. Then I put it in a CD player with good speakers. And the experience was something else. The whole album shimmers. The headphones also give you that intimate feel which focuses more on the nuances . I suggest you listen to all types of

Singer Eve Williams

Eve Williams

players and see which works for you.

Twenty Miles from Home is a beautiful album. Oblivion is one track with full arrangements and soaring vocals along with Tall Dark Stranger. These are orchestrated tracks. But I love the contrast of the spare arrangement on others like Broken Dolls (feat Scarlett Burnside), The Rock (feat. Dominik Boncza-Skrzynecki) and many more. Eve Williams is based in County Down, Northern Ireland. It is probably the beautiful landscapes that shaped her sound and sentiments. It it an album that can appeal to lovers of Sinead O’Connor, Cara Dillon and Evanescence. The combination of folk simplicity and operatic flourishes in her songs makes her one of the rising voices in the Irish music scene.

Older recordings


Clan Suibhne Yank~Irish~Celtic Music Group‏

Clan Suibhne. Clan Suibhne They're Not Just a Band, They're a Clan

Clan Suibhne. Clan Suibhne They’re Not Just a Band, They’re a Clan

Their unique “Roots” music, dubbed “Greengrass,” is a blend of traditional Irish/Celtic meets American Folk/Bluegrass tunes.  “This genre existed long before the music we know as bluegrass. We were very surprised, but so honored to win an award for our music,” says Charles (C.W.) Farrell. The three Farrell brothers and cousin John Curran have become well known around the “Irish Riviera” for their signature style. They incorporate traditional instruments, including  the mandolin and banjo, into traditional Irish music.

Celtic music is a family affair. You can see this in bands like Clannad, The Corrs, The Rankins among others. It is no surprise when a lot of American Irish bands are consist of family members. Irish and Scottish music have grown into stellar proportions in the United States in the past few years. This is an exciting age to start your own Celtic band because even though you can’t find listeners in your hometown, you know that there is this whole wild world which is the Internet. There will always be  listeners for you out there!

Clan Suibhne (pronounced Sweeney)are a band based in New Jersey. They play acoustic music combining their Yank-Irish-Celtic Roots which they fondly mention in their website.  Like I mentioned, they are a family group, acoustic and fun. They do solo, duo, trio & quartet arrangements throughout the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York Tristate area.

This St Patrick’s Day 2013, they are scheduled to play at the Historical National Hotel in Frenchtown, NJ…and will be appearing at many other venues throughout the months of February, March and April 2013. Sounds like fun! Do check them out if you are in the area.


Connie Dover and what makes her amazing.

If you’ve been a listener since 1993(her debut album came out in 1991) and now it is 2013..surely there is something about Connie Dover. She is considered as one of the stalwarts in the Celtic genre. I think she is underrated considering the achievements she has. I don’t think I am totally biased when I say that being an American singer, she took such challenging steps in making sure she breaths authenticity in her every recording. Even to the point when she has to sing in Latin of Scots/Irish Gaelic.


Before going solo, Connie Dover fronted this Missouri based bluegrass group. She is one American singer I really respect because her music is based in hard research and she yes she sings in Gaelic.


Si Beag, Si Mhor

This composition by the famous Irish composer O’Carolan landed into facebook discussion with my friend Ralph who plays the tin whistle. I am so glad he raised this discussion up so I was able to do further research about the song. I discovered the other versions. There are many out there but I will just post two of them here. These are fine interpretations. I am crazy for uilleann pipes and that is why the one from Planxty appears in this edition. I am also a big fan of harp music specifically the Celtic harp. So let us get to know a wee bit more of this music.

Picture. Mark Harmer

Picture. Mark Harmer

In English it means: Little hill, big hill. It’s a reference to the fairy kingdoms.
It’s also translated as “it’s little, it’s big.”It’s sometimes titled “Sidhe Bheag, Sidhe Mhor” The tune is by Turlough O’Carolan (1670-1738). O’Carolan’s works were published by his son in 1747. According to this timeline “Si Bheag Si Mhor” was the first piece O’Carolan composed upon the completion of his harp apprenticeship (1691).

According to Ralph: “I think a closer translation is ‘big hill, little hill’. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with a war of fairy clans but I’d like to know how the story goes. Wanna know who owned w/c hill and who won in the end.” Here we have two versions. The first one by Planxty and the second one by Celtic harper Mark Harmer:

Note: An in depth research by harpist Scott Hoye suggested a new light to the trivia on top  . According to his source, Si Beg Si Mor is in fact a Scottish Tune, The Bonny Cuckoo. O’Carolan used the tune, made popular by the Ulster Scots, and wrote Irish lyrics for it. His poem was about the battle between two Faerie kingdoms. My big thanks to Scott for the info about this classic.


Babel Pow Wow by Dom Duff

Breton musician Dom Duff is working on a new album. He is requesting the help of Breton music enthusiasts to help fund this project. As I

Dom Duff Babel Pow Wow Proje

Dom Duff Babel Pow Wow Project

said  in a conversation with a musician that music is a community. You get what you give. Dom Duff is very passionate about the culture of Brittany and its people. He  was also one of our featured artists way back .

I chatted with him a few days ago. He was trying to put a video project to promote the album. This involves people speaking in their own dialects from all over the world. The video you see below is just one of the many he is trying to create between music session. This man in really busy these days!

Please check this one out:

More here:


Wonderful Review of trad album by Colin Nea

Fair play to Colin Nea on a great review from TradConnect-Enda Seery:

Colin Nea and Enda Seery are cousins. They are also very supportive of each others music projects. The proud Enda was posting and tweeting about this wonderful review of his album Between the Jigs & the Reels with Jack Talty on a piano. I haven’t talked to Colin Nea yet but I have exchanges several pleasant messages with Enda. He is also releasing an album this year and I am sure Colin is going to advertise it too. It is great to see trad music growing. It is composed of family relations jamming together or with other musicians. Like I’ve mentioned before: Irish music is a family affair.

Keltiac: Tripping the Sonic Eden

Keltiac might be the next exciting thing after Afro Celt Sound System…or so much more? You be the judge.

After listening to the sample tracks of Chris Dawson’s project band Keltiac, I am convinced that buying the CD Out on the Edge is a good idea. If mp3 files can make you feel the extravagant sounds, think about what the richness of the CD recording is capable of doing. All the elements work together. The tracks sound like they have been rehearsed a hundred times before being recorded. The sound quality is excellent. The production bends towards slickness, yet every strand of sound seems wispy with detail.

Out on the Edge-radio edit is a testament to those excellent arrangements and production techniques. Most of the tracks like Dragon’s Breath and Road to Coimbra are winners. The band is approaching the territory of world music yet never losing their Irish and Scottish folk roots. I recommend Keltiac to listeners who love bands like Kila, Afro Celts Sound System and Dead Can Dance.

Black is the Color (Three versions)

The first time I heard this piece was an instrumental version.  Since then the melody has haunted me. So much more when I discovered the lyrics. I did some research and the history is kind of vague. But there are references to Scotland. I would like to feature Christy Moore, Cara Dillon and of course Nina Simone who popularized this piece in the mid 20th century. Wow  can you believe that this is the next century?

I found out about Nina Simone a couple of years ago after listening to a lot of French standards and it is refreshing to hear this song interpreted in a different style but still reflecting the same intense sentiments.


Win a Unique Original Watercolour

Artist & Author Paul Taggart is delighted to have been, once more, invited back to participate at the Highland Field Sports Fair on August 6th & 7th 2010.

Paul will be working at his easel in the main ring and other locations over the two days, to capture the heart of this impressive fair in one of his on-the-spot works of art.

Catch Paul as he works away on a number of scenes and you could be in with a chance to win the finished painting signed by all those featured and Mrs Celia Mackintosh of Mackintosh (Moy Estate).

Last year’s winning Prize Draw ticket was bought in aid of Pets As Therapy, by Gillian Rammage (Aberdeenshire), who was thrilled to be the lucky recipient of the framed watercolour.

“Once again, I am delighted to donate the finished watercolour to the Highlands, Islands and Grampian branch, to help in their fund-raising work. This deserving cause has become an established presence at the Fair.” reveals Paul Taggart.

“Last year’s painting featured the Duke of Buccleuch’s Pack, Katy Cropper’s Dogs and Ducks, Skyhigh Falconry, Moray Firth Spaniel & Retriever Club, Original Smokies from Arbroath, Chuck from the USA working with farrier Robin Pape, musicians Bruce MacGregor and Brian O’hEadra and last, but not least – the inimitable Robbie Trophy Terrier Racing (presented by Mrs Mackintosh).”

So please watch out for this author of fourteen books, as he wields his brushes over the two days whilst also being filmed for some videos.

Do not miss this ‘unique’ opportunity to purchase a Prize Draw ticket and be in with a chance of bagging yourself a winning watercolour to help this worthwhile cause.

Paul’s Commemorative Limited Edition Print which captures the art and soul of Moy Fair is on display and available to purchase at the fair**.

To reflect the Fair’s role as a benefactor of local causes, Paul has dedicated the entire edition of 100 copies of the print as a fund-raiser. £80 from each copy sold is remitted to the Highland Field Sports Fair Committee Surplus Funds for disbursement to various charities and deserving causes.

The commemorative print is taken from an original Oil Painting, featuring twelve miniature studies, in which the viewer is encouraged to enter at any point, then taken for a stroll around various events and highlights.

**Framed copies of the Highland Field Sports Fair commemorative limited edition print are also available to order from Paul direct and through his website.

Here is the direct link

Adendum 2

It’s Happening!

Tour Dates and Releases!

New Song Johnny and June by Mary Fahl

Great News! Mary Fahl’s new song is now available for listening in her official website. Johnny and June is a narrative song about a young man’s plight-our modern day Romeo. Always expect romance, suspense, and even visions of a grand scale when Mary dabbles into lyric writing.  The style is something you’d expect from Joni Mitchell , Leonard Cohen or even Dougie MacLean. But then there’s that unmistakable big voice filled with power and nuance at the same time.

More at www.mary


Gypsy Nomads are going to take their music on the road with 30 shows across the United States.

Here’s more from the press release:

“Primitive drums, excitement, blood roiling passion, sorcery, artistry,

sonic grace, unstoppable Gypsy power.” – Event Promoter, Wicked Faire

“The gypsy-cabaret duo sounds like it could be the poster act for Magic:

The Gathering, but the team of Samantha Stephenson and Scott Helland is

more of a neo-medieval band that takes inspiration from French singer

Francoise Hardy and alt-rock icon Siouxsie Sioux.” – Richard Gintowt, The




New York, NY – In true nomadic fashion, the New York-based duo The Gypsy Nomads are on the move, announcing a cross-country tour that will stretch throughout the summer and right into the fall. Affectionately known as ‘Frenchy and the Punk’, the Celtic cabaret effectively channels the spirit of the gypsy sound with a neo-medieval flavor, rooted in the traditions of punk and folk music. After kicking off earlier this month, the tour will wind its way through America, making stops in major cities including Nashville, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Chicago before ending at SteamCon in Seattle on November 19.

The Gypsy Nomads, composed of French-born Brit Samantha Stephenson and ex-Deep Wound punkster, Scott Helland, have been touring relentlessly since 2005. From raucous, danceable old-world melodies with cheeky stories sung in English and French, to pounding, tribal-march-style drum instrumentals, this creative duo’s quirky and captivating show has garnered attention for its high energy and honest musicality. Their songs have been licensed for Indie films and television, and have already been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show and WE TV’s Gothic Wedding. Their fourth full-length album is out July 13, 2010.


May 1-2 Spoutwood Mayday Faerie Fest, Glen Rock, PA

May 1 (night) Glen Rock Mill Inn, Glen Rock, PA

May 7-8 Beltania Fest, Florence, CO

May 12 Meadowlark Coffeehouse, Lincoln, NE

May 14 Next Millennium In-store Concert, Omaha, NE

May 15 Aquarius Books Shop, Kansas City, MO

May 19 Java Cabana, Memphis, TN

May 20 French Quarter Cafe, Nashville, TN

May 21 Loudhouse Coffee, Greenbrier, TN

May 22 Sungeros Coffeehouse, Louisville, KY

May 26 Green Lantern Pub, Lexington, KY

May 27 The Revolution, Toledo, OH

May 28-30 World Steampunk Expo, Dearborn, MI

June 3 Lions Lair, Denver, CO

June 4 Tenacious Bros Pub, Grand Junction, CO

June 5 Dwntwn Hookah Bar, Salt Lake City, UT

June 6 Zia Records Inshore Performance, Las Vegas, NV

June 7 Yayo Taco, Las Vegas, NV

June 10 Trunk Space, Phoenix, AZ

June 11 The Ruby Room, San Diego, CA

June 18 Linnaea’s Cafe, San Luis Obispo, CA

June 23 Headlands Coffeehouse, Fort Bragg, CA

June 25 Baxtalo Drom @ Amnesia, San Francisco, CA

June 27 Organic Brewers Fest, Portland, OR

July 9 Diablo’s Downtown Lounge, Eugene, OR

July 15 Hummingbird Cafe, Butte, MT

July 16 Palace Lounge, Missoula, MT

July 17 Crescent Moon In-store Concert, Tacoma, WA

June 18th Linnaea’s Cafe, San Luis Obispo, CA

July 22 The Can Can, Seattle, WA

July 30-31 Faerieworlds Fest, Eugene, OR

Aug  7-8  World of Fae Fest, Chicago (South Elgin), IL

Sept 17 Mystickal Voyage Event Space, Baltimore, MD

Sept 18 Mountain Mabon Festival, Clarksville, VA

Sept 24 Earth Warriors Festival, Clarksville, OH

Oct 9 Witches Ball. Mount Holly, NJ

Oct 23 Celebrate Samhain, Peterborough, NH

Nov 12&13 FaerieCon, Baltimore, MD

Nov 19 SteamCon, Seattle, WA






Cara Dillon Tour Around the UK

Cara Dillon is also gearing out for a tour around the UK up until August. So if you guys are interested to get tickets, better book now by visiting her official website and getting the instructions there. I think it would be lovely to listen to such pristine voice on a live setting. And when it is a Cara Dillon show, expect to be not only dazzled by her voice but also by the musicians that back her up.


* 16  The Brewery Arts Centre

Kendal 01539 725133

* 17  Gala

Durham 0191 332 4041

* 18  Big Session Festival

Leicester 0116 233 3111

* 19  Lowdham Book Festival

Lowdham 0115 9663596

* 24  Crosby Civic Hall

Liverpool 01704 540011

* 27  Norden Farm Arts Centre (Duo Show)

Maidenhead 01628 788997


* 01  The Assembly

Leamington Spa 01926 523001

* 03  St Mary’s Church

Sandwich 01227 831493

* 09  Eastleigh Music Festival

Eastleigh 023 8065 2333


* 28  Shrewsbury Folk Festival

Shrewsbury 01746 768 813


Ashley MacIsaac July Tours

After a successful tour  at Confederation Centre of the Arts in Charlottetown. And Ecole Secondaire du Sacre Couer – Sudburry ON Ashley McIsaac will be seen in  the following venues:

July 9th, 2010 – Mariposa Festival – Orillia, ON Canada

July 10th 2010 – Same as above

His performances are never to be missed.


Natalie MacMaster Live DVD Out!

Fans of Natalie MacMaster will be delighted to know that they can now take her performance home in the comfort of thir home theater.  The DVD Natalie MacMaster Live in Cape Breton is now out. It features stalwarts known in the genre of Folk,Blue Grass and Classical such as  Hayley Westenra, Bela Fleck, Donnell Leahy, Buddy MacMaster and the Cape Breton Fiddles Association .

You can buy the DVD here:

The Rowdy Nomads Music

I got a press release in my mailbox and warmed up to this duo. New York based The Gypsy Nomads is what happens when gothic and punk sensibilities meet bohemian folk. It’ like Siouxsie Sioux all of a sudden falls into a rabbit hole and gets to meet the likes of Seamus Ennis and Ofra Hasa. Terms like rowdy, naughty and festive get you on the mood right away. And you gotta swear the costumes are part of something that you don’t want to miss. This is continental Celtic with hints of Parisian sophistication.


The Scottish band Capercaillie is back. After listening to their entire discography from 1984’s Cascade up to Roses and Tears, I could say that the band has never lost its vision yet continued to explore new frontiers in terms of style and production. The music is also centered around the voice of Karen Matheson who possesses “a throat kissed by God” according to a music critic.  Folk bands set us an example that innovation should work hand in hand with musical identity. Without it, then bands would sound like Madonna, though continuing to inspire novelty and sell, they can also loose their place in history as a force ( as with the case of musicians who sell because their names are bigger than their music). Capercaillie are one of those bands who will be performing at the 40th Interceltique Festival in Lorient France this August. So if you have a plan of going there, don’t forget to drop by Brittany and feast your ears to this one of a kind music gathering. By the way it is half past two in the afternoon and I am listening to Nadurra in low volume . It is partly cloudy and the birds are singing outside.


Black is the Color (Of My True Love’s Hair) has been covered by many artists. For the information of bands and artists who recorded this song, please refer to this link . And although they are all interesting in their own way, I think that Cara Dillon’s version of the song really nailed the sentiments home. Maybe it’s her vulnerable voice or the begging quiver at around 2:36 of the song..” I go to the Clyde and mourn and weep
satisfied I never will sleep
” that simply tugs at your heart. Being from Northern Ireland I think, is also part of of what gives honesty to her version of this classic. You have to be in that part of the world to know what this kind of loss means.

Black is the colour of my true love’s hair.
Her lips are like a rose so fair.
She’s got the sweetest face and the gentlest hands.
I love the ground where on she stands.

I love my love and well she knows.
I love the ground where on she goes.
And how I wish the day would come
when she and I can be as one.

Black is the colour of my true love’s hair.
Her lips are like a rose so fair.
She’s got the sweetest face and the gentlest hands.
I love the ground where on she stands.

I go to the Clyde and mourn and weep
satisfied I never will sleep.
I ‘ll write her a letter, just a few short lines
And suffer death ten thousand times.