Review of North Star a new album by Kyle Carey

Why a casual Celtic music fan would love North Star by singer/songwriter Kyle Carey-It has a universal appeal.  Every album is a musical journey. The experience is always complete when one listens to all the tracks in the album (in the order they were recorded) instead shuffling.I think Kyle Carey has worked hard in recording every track in North Star. [...]

” Esyllt ” by Children in Paradise

Band members: Gwalchmei, Guitare Dam kat, Vocals Patrick Boileau, Drums Stéphane Rama, Bass Loic Blejean, Uilleann Pipes & Low Whistles Jean Marc Illien, Piano & Keyboards Now for something so totally different is an atmospheric band from Brittany called Children in Paradise. Singer Dam Kat already drew me into their musical style after hearing the [...]

Naoned Whisky by The Maggie Whackers plus Podcast #25

After almost two years, French band The Maggie Whackers are back with a new EP called Naoned Whisky. And yes they are from Nantes France. A great place of music! Drunken Sailor is timely because it's a decade of the mainstream's fascination with Pirate movies and tunes. There are strong Breton elements in their songs [...]

Have you heard of Morenn?

I discovered the music of Morenn after clicking the link posted by Francois Marchal of Caliorne on facebook. I think Morenn is a fascinating project and needs a good support from lovers of Breton Celtic music. There are three videos posted in their kisskissbankbank crowd funding project in which one of them I decided to post here. [...]

Babel Pow Wow by Dom Duff

Album: "Babel Pow Wow" Artist: Dom Duff Location: Brittany Original Release Date: April 18, 2013 Tracks: 1. Buan yann buan 2. Bitter Lands of Llydaw 3. Noa 4. Chikoloden groove 5. Floc'h ar jabadao 6. A-du gant an avel 7. Babel pow wow 8. Houarn & lêr 9. Buzhug'o'matik 10. Koroll gouez 11. Treizh 12. [...]