Trine: They are now playing You think Celtic music is rare in Asia? That may change soon as Filipino group Trine play music that could only come from Ireland, Scotland and Bretagne. They are playing music all over the Philippines and of you are a tourist in need of some Jazz spliced with Traditional music then look for them. [...]

Naoned Whisky by The Maggie Whackers plus Podcast #25

After almost two years, French band The Maggie Whackers are back with a new EP called Naoned Whisky. And yes they are from Nantes France. A great place of music! Drunken Sailor is timely because it's a decade of the mainstream's fascination with Pirate movies and tunes. There are strong Breton elements in their songs [...]

Jack Raven’s Whores Plus Podcast #23

Anyone who loves good old whiskey will find something familiar with the band’s logo. Think of  Jack Daniel’s and Jack Sparrow-then you get the idea behind the logo of the band Jack Raven’s Whores. Ok I admit I am not confident to say the last word out loud but these guys have the right to [...]

Check out the Soundcloud Page of Fabien Guiloineau

Fabien Guiloineau of Shelta is back, this time with his other musical project called Kitus. Bourree de Vichy/A Bout de Souffle is a lively track which has a strong Breton sound. Unlike Shelta which focus more on Traditional Irish music, Kitus have a World music influence as they merge not just the music of the [...]

Barbara Tresidder Ryan of Iona Speaks About The Music of the Celtic Nations

Silver is the new album by Celtic band Iona. With amazing arrangements of tracks and interesting choices of materials, I am sure listeners would like to hear the 'behind the scenes' aspects of this album. And of course, the band as whole. It is quite an achievement to maintain that rush of creativity for decades.Barbara [...]