Have you heard of Morenn?

I discovered the music of Morenn after clicking the link posted by Francois Marchal of Caliorne on facebook. I think Morenn is a fascinating project and needs a good support from lovers of Breton Celtic music. There are three videos posted in their kisskissbankbank crowd funding project in which one of them I decided to post here. [...]

Babel Pow Wow by Dom Duff

Album: "Babel Pow Wow" Artist: Dom Duff Location: Brittany Original Release Date: April 18, 2013 Tracks: 1. Buan yann buan 2. Bitter Lands of Llydaw 3. Noa 4. Chikoloden groove 5. Floc'h ar jabadao 6. A-du gant an avel 7. Babel pow wow 8. Houarn & lêr 9. Buzhug'o'matik 10. Koroll gouez 11. Treizh 12. [...]

Interview with Gilles H (Daonet) for the album “Donemat”

Plus: Lúnasa video and new releases fromAndrew "Slim" Black,  Michelle Mulcahy and Eliseo Mauas Pinto. I am glad to discover the band Daonet from Nantes. They are a fine addition to our ever growing collection of Breton artists. They play catchy rock oriented music using Breton language. It doesn't matter if you don't speak the [...]

Rachel Hair: All Things Celtic Harp(Interview)

Plus: Somerset Folk Harp Festival, Athas'tour pic and schedules, Celtic vampire novel by Karen Victoria Smith and Delta Rae ...so emotional and beautiful! Scottish harpist Rachel Hair notes down her tips on how to get into this fascinating musical instrument: The Celtic harp! It was through my discovery of harp music that got me  started [...]

Music of Brittany: Tri Martolod(With English Translation)

Been a fan of Alan Stivell and I tried to learn this song by heart . I found the English translation to this by Bobby Bob and Ellan Vannin. However the beauty of this song really blooms through its native tongue. Breton language is fascinating to study. Too bad I am still struggling with my [...]