Review of North Star a new album by Kyle Carey

Why a casual Celtic music fan would love North Star by singer/songwriter Kyle Carey-It has a universal appeal.  Every album is a musical journey. The experience is always complete when one listens to all the tracks in the album (in the order they were recorded) instead shuffling.I think Kyle Carey has worked hard in recording every track in North Star. [...]

The Enchanting Luascadh

Music of the elves... We think of festive and loud sounds when we talk about the music of Brittany. This association is brought about by the popularity of the bombarde and the biniou. After looking further, I found this unique artist by the name of Alicia Ducout. She goes by the moniker Luascadh. Originally from Rennes, Bretagne, she tours around France with the [...]

Marc Gunn’s Music Revolution

It's a breeze for big record labels to push songs up the charts. They just open up their pocket books and wave a wad of cash around. Boom! They own the Celtic Top 10. If you listen to the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, you know that it's not that big labels have better music, [...]

Happy Breton Weekend

Some Breton music as the week goes to a close... As weekend is here, I will be away from the Internet(I hope so but after getting a smart phone that would be hard to resist but still... ). I was trying to figure out what to post to cover my weekend of absence. I always [...]

Alan Stivell Releases New Album Emerald

I have listened to Brian Boru and Tri Martolod by Alan Stivell these past few days. What a surprise it has been to receive a letter from his website about Emerald , the new album. A coincidence! I would like to share the news to those who love Breton music and the talent of the [...]