Eclectic Celtic:Tuatha Dea from Gatlinburg, TN

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Genre: Scots/Irish, Celtic, Tribal eclectic mix


Damasqhs –
Vocals, Djembe, Djuns, Bongos, Guitar, etc.

Rebecca Holman –
Vocals, Bougaraboo etc.

Tesea Dawson –
Vocals, Flute, bass, keyboard Djembe, etc.

Brandon Mullikin –
Bass, Guitar, Djembe

Tyler Neitz –
Gutair, bass, keyboard, various percussion, etc.

Chris Bush –
Native American flute, penny whistle, bass, djembe, djuns, et

Stirring both the heart and soul: Tuatha Dea satisfies one’s musical cravings.

Bagabi inspires what is beautiful and primal. It is like being transported into a world during the time of dinosaurs.  The use of didgeridoo further enhances this experience and I feel my imagination open up. It gives you that weird sensation especially when you listen to this track with the lights out. I like it when a song gives me goose bumps. It means it has achieved something greater. Music is supposed to be like this-something that  touches the soul. The African inspired chanting and the eerie deep male vocals (think Brendan Perry) further enhances the effect.

This kind of style is also dominant in other tracks like the poly-rhythmic induced The Hunt(corners). The track  starts with percussion then escalates into a melodic devotional chant piece. There is also the traditional inspired Mulligan Stew that should have been used in TV series like Merlin. The remaining tracks bend on the folk/rock side. The female vocals are strong reminiscent of Stevie Nicks and Annie Lennox. I think this is great because I really like singers who sound like women and not like little girls. Songs like Falling Down, Celtic Woman (Mavis McGee), Tonight and the heart hurting Skye Boat Blues will leave you contemplating lost loves and missed soul mates in fishnet stockings and thick black mascara.

Call this an aside but I really love everyone’s fashion style here. Tuatha Dea is a band that is both beautiful to the eyes and ears. A perfect companion for a long rainy night with a single candle.

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Formed in 2009 by Lead Vocalist Damasqhs, Tuatha Dea has an eclectic sound incorporating tribal drumming into the Celtic music genre.

Tuatha Dea first began with a group of close friends gathering together once a week to drum for kicks in 2009. Soon after the band began to write original music and playing at local social gatherings. As they began to build a small local fan base it was decided to try their hands at taking the show out into the public eye. They eclectically mix Scotts Irish, new age, traditional and modern day music to produce a unique variety and blend of rhythm and melody. As the fan base grows, the group continues it’s evolution and is constantly re-defining it’s perimeters. More info on Tuatha Dea will be coming soon and keep your eye on our website!


Ark by Brendan Perry and Mary Fahl’s Gravity(Tentative Album Title)

I spent my late teens listening to World/Medieval/Celtic/Fusion duo Dead Can Dance . I admit it’s the voice of Irishman Brendan Perry that really got to me. It’s a haunting baritone that reminds you of  quiet walks on a cemetery during a faintly windy night. I  almost own all of Dead Can Dance album (on audio cassettes) and most of them now on mp3s so I can bring them along when I travel.

You have to understand what it did to me when I heard that he just released a new album called Ark. This is closer to the sound ‘feel’ he did for Dead Can Dance. Recorded in his home studio Quivvy Church ( it’s really an old church in Ireland he bought and converted into a recording studio) this 8-track album will be something to treasure for years to come. A totally rewarding listening experience! Check out the latest news about Brendan Perry here.


Mary Fahl is getting busy this year as two of her albums are about to be released : Mary Fahl: From the Dark Side of the Moon (to be released in 2010) and  Gravity (Tentative Title) – 10-song album to be released in 2010…I love this update! Recently I chatted with Mary about the three tracks that was floating around : Ghost of Me, Red Sunset and White Bird. These are demos she made with Bob Riley of Grace Pool. Bob passed away sadly and they were left forgotten .  Let’s hope Mary will consider re-recording them because they will blow your mind away with their beauty. Full discography here.


Nigel Eaton

If you love excellent Hurdy-Gurdy music, then you should never miss Nigel Eaton’s  myspace page. He played with Loreena McKennitt (1996-2006) I love the sound of this instrument and I think it deserves more exposure.

About the Hurdy-Gurdy


On Jenne Lennon

…She became a friend in facebook and wrote me a sweet message. As always Jenne will remain a favorite here @ Celtic Music Fan because of her wonderful talent and fresh approach in Celtic Music. How she sounds like? Here’s how she describes her music: A combination of Clannad, Lisa Gerard, Enya, Loreena McKennitt…plus let me add a passionate intensity close of Janis Joplin.

Listen to: and read her blog. There’s also this interview I posted.   Check out her rendition of Marble Halls  from The Bohemian Girl, an Irish Opera by Michael William Balfe.

thanks to knoeful for posting this video and providing additional info…

(Jenne Lennon performs with Indiana University’s International Vocal Ensemble at the Mary Goetze farewell concert in April, 2007. Goetze founded both the IU Childrens Choir and the International Vocal Ensemble, giving performance opportunities and musical learning to youngsters as well as university students who are not music majors. Lennon is a Chicago based Celtic singer dubbed the Janis Joplin of Celtic Music! “I Dreamt That I Dwelt in Marble Halls” is also called “The Gipsy Girl’s Dream” It comes from the opera “The Bohemian Girl.”)