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Moxie: Taking the Heat for Being an Innovative Trad Band?

As a blogger, I learned to be careful what I write online. Well, it doesn’t matter what I write about myself especially if I do it in a self-deprecating manner. … Continue reading

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I love Skipinnish!

Randomness is beautiful. I stumbled upon this group while looking for a Science documentary on YouTube mobile. They appeared on my feed. The name itself is interesting. Skipinnish. I was sure … Continue reading

June 21, 2015 · 1 Comment

Trine: They are now playing

You think Celtic music is rare in Asia? That may change soon as Filipino group Trine play music that could only come from Ireland, Scotland and Bretagne. They are playing … Continue reading

May 12, 2015 · 4 Comments

The Gloaming: Vinyl has arrived ….. sounds beautiful !!

Yeah for people out there who think that analog is the only type of sound that matters then you are in luck. One of the most influential Irish groups, The … Continue reading

April 17, 2015 · 2 Comments

Get your copies of The Widening Gyre by Altan now!

“The title The Widening Gyre appeals to us and depicts the spiral of life, widening and embracing the new. It has an innate energy. We think that idea is reflected … Continue reading

April 16, 2015 · 3 Comments

Thank You Fionnghuala

I’ve been starving for inspiration. I got nothing to write about. One needs to be passionate about something in order to create. I just had this conversation with a Scottish … Continue reading

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Album Review: Across the bridge by Red Sonnet

It is great to be visited by the muse of the cold months. With that comes the kind of music suited for reflection. It is the time of year when … Continue reading

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Wish by Poitin Introduces Fresh Sound and New Artistic Approach.

“Fresh” pretty much sums up the sound of the new album by Poitin called Wish. I have listened again and again and I am definitely aware of the new recording approach … Continue reading

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Clannad’s Daughter Aisling Jarvis in the United States

  Feisty Irish singer/songwriter Aisling Jarvis is conquering the United States with her scheduled tours. She is performing either as a solo act or supporting her mom Moya Brennan. It’s only … Continue reading

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Recording Updates from Moxie and Robert Doyle

Wow it’s just the middle of the week and more phantasmagorically smashing updates are coming up from the world of music. OUR world of music ;) Moxie announced their plans … Continue reading

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Repost your Soundcloud!

  A blog featuring John Breen, Fraser Fifield and TradConnect It is great to realize that soundcloud has grown into a site where musicians and listeners can interact and repost … Continue reading

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Debut Album of CrossHarbour Coming Soon!

  CrossHarbour takes the vibrant spirit of Traditional Irish music to new listeners. CrossHarbour, is the name of the band after a London tube station. But it could also imply “crossing into another country’ through … Continue reading

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Saoirse’s Heart by Celtic Cross.

The sounds of urban New York and the lush rural landscapes of Ireland are the main ingredients of Saoirse’s Heart by Celtic Cross. It is an energizing experience to listen … Continue reading

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” Esyllt ” by Children in Paradise

Band members: Gwalchmei, Guitare Dam kat, Vocals Patrick Boileau, Drums Stéphane Rama, Bass Loic Blejean, Uilleann Pipes & Low Whistles Jean Marc Illien, Piano & Keyboards Now for something so … Continue reading

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Fantastic Album: At your Call by The Buachaills

If you recall, I wrote about the The Buachaills in my previous post. I am really glad to get to listen to “At your Call” ahead of the official release. The album will … Continue reading

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Creeds Cross: Gods & Fighting Men Is My Energy Music!

The Album features an all star line up of musicians including Pete Jupp (FM) Drums, Bob Skeat (Wishbone Ash) Bass, Pat McManus (Mamas Boys and Celtus) Fiddle, and Brian Kelly … Continue reading

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On the radar: Creeds Cross

Members: Pete Jupp (FM) Drums, Bob Skeat (Wishbone Ash) Bass, Pat McManus (Mamas Boys and Celtus) Fiddle, and Brian Kelly (Shane McGowan) on Banjo. Website : When I stumble … Continue reading

February 26, 2014 · 1 Comment

Cleghorn will Headline the The 7th Annual 30a St Patrick’s Parade and Festival

 Slated for Saturday March 15th 2013 I am glad to hear that Texas Celtic rock group Cleghorn will be part of St Patrick’s Celebration! Their tune 9 Minutes of Woo still … Continue reading

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Jack Raven’s Whores Plus Podcast #23

Anyone who loves good old whiskey will find something familiar with the band’s logo. Think of  Jack Daniel’s and Jack Sparrow-then you get the idea behind the logo of the … Continue reading

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The Passing of Pete Seeger and Podcast #22

My late mom used to sing me a song called Where Have All the Flowers Gone. It’s such a sweet poignant song that reminds me of dusk and summer, of … Continue reading

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