Clanú Are Back With A Better And Diverse Album!

Clanú Are Back With A Better And Diverse Album!


Clanú are back with a new album Long Way Round. This is a strong follow-up to their 2012 album Ancient Walls. The reason why I got so excited in reviewing this is because of the evolution of their sound. The tracks are more diverse and they have lots of influences in this new album, from  bluegrass, Irish folk, Irish traditional, Americana and country.

Long Way Round has twelve tracks including covers of Black is the Color and Siúil A Rún. They incorporate traditional and folk instruments. I am a big fan of  piano music and I think Diamond’s Relief is spectacular. It has that contemporary, New Agey feel reminiscent of Night Noise and Phil Coulter. High five  to them for adding this gem.

Like Clannad and The Corrs, Clanu are composed  mostly of family members: Dee McIlroy, Niall McIlroy, Damian McIlroy, Paul Conlon and Fiona McIlroy. The latter  possess and angelic voice. I would not be surprised if one day she will be embarking on a solo career as a singer/instrumentalist.

I think Dee and Fiona  did an amazing work with their vocal styles that are supple and expressive. They sing within their ranges and that’s what I want my music to be after a long day-relaxing but also diverse. The rest of the players did their part in holding the architectural soundscape of this album, not just in every track but also on how every track sticks to each other  in a cohesive way.

You Know My Love Is True has a distinct style. It calls to mind American music in the swinging era with traces of Bluegrass. I feel like I would jitterbug every time I hear this song.

Long Way Round is an album that will appeal to many listeners. Clanú are from Belfast but with a sound like that, it is likely they will conquer continental Europe.


The Welsh Scene and Celtic Colors.

The colors of Autumn are here. And so is the music that fits the season. Don’t you just love it when after a long day you can finally sit down , relax and listen to your favorite Celtic tunes? Right now I am listening to The Battlefield Band, Jamie Smiths MABON, Cleghorn and The Gothard Sisters.

Jamie Smiths MABON are a group I am keeping my ears on lately. They have this contest for listeners to name the new tunes. That’s interesting. The band have been busy with so much musical stuff that it will take so much space if I mention them here. They also have amazing photo shoots and the band have been on the top list of my best computer wallpapers. I’d recommend you visit their website

The Gothard Sisters remind me of Pre-Raphaelite models who stepped out of Rossetti’s paintings to charm mortals. They are  photogenic that it’s lovely to stare at their album covers. Heard about them when my friend Jimmy posted a video on facebook and he got a lot of comments for that. It’s nice to know that Celtic music has gotten more and more hip and fashionable. The amazing Scarborough Fair video is beautifully conceived and the rich sophisticated playing of the sisters are sure to captivate more ears. I’d say they’re the bomb and everyone needs to listen-and look!

 Cleghorn are a band everyone’s been passionate about . They performed at Pirate Days of Texas at Stewart’s Creek Park. I hope you’re able to catch this father and son musical act. If you look at the right widget section of this blog, you will see that I posted the Cleghorn player for fans to have a listen especially this wonderful new track Windswept Girl. It will surely sweep you off your feet.