Ten Years of Áthas Plus Rant Maggie Rant and Celtic Twist.

Ten Years of Áthas Plus Rant Maggie Rant and Celtic Twist.


To be together for ten years is worth celebrating. I remember we spend only few years in school and then we part. Years later we see each other, this time with families and kids. Things are no longer the same. But to be in a musical group and to have that time (to not just support each other creatively but also as friends) is a gift! This happened to the band áthas and they marked their tenth anniversary with an album called 10 for 10.

According to their website:

May of 2015 marked 10 years of us together as áthas. To celebrate and as a way to say thanks to our fans and supporters, we decided to put together some live tracks and radio appearances from the past several years. We hope you enjoy this stroll down memory lane! 

I say it is a great way to release an album. You can listen to the tracks, stream it or buy it; in any way you can as long as you continue to support independent Celtic music is a blessing! Listen to the music here.


New record by 

Rant Maggie Rant coming up!


Make way for this amazing Canadian band as they unleash new songs for eager ears. Just dropped by their Twitter page out of curiosity and found their latest tweet. Thank you so much Twitter for making my life colorful. At least I don’t have to go back to Facebook for a while to know what’s new in music. I can stay here and still be informed.

So yes they have a new album called Latitude and I was able to listen to their previous tunes and I’d say they will never disappoint you. Take a peek and hear snippets by going to their official site.


Celtic Twist

2011 onwards were strange years for me. So many things happened. Some were so delightful I go over them in my mind when I have the time. There were also sad times which I never bothered to really address.But sometimes regret can open doors. Sometimes anger can pave way to possibilities and opportunities. Resentment can be a powerful tool when you know how to use it-by diffusing the rage and take brave steps to the other side…

I think it’s the same year that I got to know Phil Holland. She made me listen to her albums plus her new project, Celtic Twist(with Dave  Palmley). For a while we had fun sharing music and ideas through Facebook. She has this powerful voice and I was delighted with the things she did to the voice, the experimentation and all. But Facebook was not really their playground. They removed their page.

For a few years I kept wondering what happened to them. I recently got in touched with them through Twitter(again Twitter you are awesome!) and so the thread continues. We might no longer share the same luxury of communicating due to our schedules but it is good to see them healthy and making great music!


áthas on Tour All Over Milwaukee

Hello American readers in the Midwest. The band Athas is making rounds around Milwaukee this month. You should not miss the amazing talents of each member. I stumbled upon them last March 2010. I am excited to hear that they are spreading the joy of Celtic music around the United States and the world. Thanks to harpist Scott Hoye for posting the updates of the band.

This is an aside but I am amazed to learn that guitarist Jeff Ksiazek played jazz on saxophone  for two decades before switching to guitar! Amazing.

Heather Lewin-Tiarks: fiddle, viola
Amy Richter: bodhran, percussion
Jeff Ksiazek: guitar, bouzouki

I like it when a video highlights the the most important aspect of music: musicians playing their instruments.

Find them in facebook: https://www.facebook.com/athasmusic



áthas lights the dance floor on fire with a combination of traditional and newly composed Irish dance tunes. Fierce fiddle, driving bodhrán, and funky guitar riffs come together to lift listeners’ feet, drinks, and spirits.

Although approaching the tradition from various musical backgrounds, the band found each other and their voice as an ensemble while playing in Irish sessions around Milwaukee throughout 2005. Spending their time between tunes laughing and joking inspired them to make music together and their name, which is the Irish word for joy and happiness.

The band’s blend of exciting music and fun-loving attitudes quickly earned the admiration of Milwaukee’s Irish set and ceili dance communities, as well as audiences throughout their hometown stomping grounds. áthas has become a favorite act at Irish music’s premier event, Milwaukee Irish Fest, gathering praise for the excitement of their stage shows and the energy they display playing in the dance tent.

áthas is a band firmly rooted in the traditions of Irish music, constantly seeking inspiration from the past masters and passing on their knowledge by teaching throughout Milwaukee. The band remains receptive to new influences, and continues to impress audiences with their new compositions as well as their
passion, energy, and love for making music.


Comas, David Munnelly Band, Teada, Different Drums of Ireland, Dervish, Planxty, John Whelan, Leo McCann, Seamus Begley

Athas from Milwaukee

Athas is a four-piece band that hails from Milwaukee . Composed of Heather Lewin-Tiarks: fiddle, viola Kathleen Bremer: flute, vocals Amy Richter: bodhran, percussion Jeff Ksiazek: guitar, bouzouki, flute, the band executes vibrant playing and fresh approach to traditional tracks. Their myspace page mentions the band to be composed of  four individuals but this video shows only three members. Anyway if you are curious, you can check their tour schedules right of their MySpace, listen to music or watch videos. They will be in Country Clare this 17th just in time for St. Paddy’s Day.