The Baxteria Podcast #14

The Baxteria Podcast #14

The episode 14 of my show is up. Yes despite the terrible week I am experiencing the show must go on.
Luke Kelly-The Auld Triangle
Finnegan’s Hell-Drunken Christmas
Caliorne-Scottish Purple
Samuel Smith-The Agony
Samuel Smith-The Ballad of Oisin
Poitin-The Congress Reel
Ashley MacIsaac-Lay Me Down
Declan Sinnott-Orbit
Mickey Harte-Unstappable Train
Mark Handley and the Bone Idols-Peace and Joy
Garrett Wall Band-Terra Firma
Enya-Last Time by Moonlight

Qristina & Quinn Bachand: Relative Minors

Qristina & Quinn Bachand: Relative Minors

Relative Minors by Qristina & Quinn Bachand

Album: Relative Minors

Artists : Qristina & Quinn Bachand

Genre:Folk/ Celtic/ World

Type: Instrumental

Place of origin: Victoria, British Columbia


1. Spootiskerry/High Road to Linton/Big John McNeil
2. Extra Bar in Paddyland / The Smirnoff Gigolo
3. Jigs in A (Rosewood Jig/Teviot Bridge/Who’ll be King but Charlie/The Canadian Club)
4. The Frenchies (Fil et Bobine / Les Poules Huppes)
5. Mabou Harbour Set (Flowers of Edinburgh / Miss McLeod’s / The Beached Whale)
6. Kathryn’s Castle / Lost in the Loop
7. Jigs in G (Old Favourite / The Roaring Barmaid / Out on the Ocean)
8. La Bastringue / St. Anne’s Reel
9. Kid on the Mountain / The Butterfly / An Dro
10. Gaelic College Medley (Memories of You / Please Scrape Your Dishes)
11. The Barn Set (Colin Rankin’s Strathspey / Kelsae Brig / The Holland Wedding/Predator Reel)
12. Jigs’n’Reel (Morrison’sJig / Swallowtail Jig / Lilting Banshee /Hobbart’s Transformation)
13. Wistful Daydreamer
14. Relative Minors (Fifteen Children / Snail Fever)
15. D Set (Haste to the Wedding / Banish Misfortune / Miss Susan Cooper/Virginia Reel/Silver Spear/MacLeod’s Farewall)
16. Polka Medley (Kenmare / Britches Full of Stitches / Bill Sullivan’s)

Total time: 59:07

With the instantaneous success of Family, Relative Minors seems to have been overlooked by the music crowd. But yes Relative Minors is the album that started it all. Siblings Qristina and Quinn Bachand (Q & Q)have created a collection of tunes woven tightly to create an exquisite listening experience. Although this primarily a traditional album , the two added their own styles.

Their bombastic exploration into the Celtic instrumentals is exemplified by the first track Spootiskerry/High Road to Linton/Big John McNeil. It’s a tune that makes you want to dance around the living room. A very happy tune. This is followed by the Extra Bar in Paddyland / The Smirnoff Gigolo in which Qristina’s fiddling shines through. In Jigs in A (Rosewood Jig/Teviot Bridge/Who’ll be King but Charlie, Quinn has mastered the art of light guitar strumming.

The amazing thing about Celtic music is that you don’t have to know what it is to appreciate it. This is in the case of tunes like The Frenchies (Fil et Bobine / Les Poules Huppes) where the melody takes a joyful turn amidst the interesting time signature. The music talks to you and this is what makes the Bachands amazing!

Everyone in the house knows how this CD has been played repeatedly. It’s that fresh quality that continues and doesn’t eat you just because the album has been listened to for a hundredth times already! Yes it doesn’t get old. Which is a feat considering that these two were literally very young when this one was released way back 2008. Big nod to the musicians who joined the project like Dave Klassen, Eric Reiswig, Russ Godfrey and Adrian Doland. These artists are huge in the Canadian Celtic music scene. The sound Engineering of Aaron Scoones maintained a raw but crystalline approach to the sound. It’s like witnessing a sunrise after a long rainy week. Design, layout and photos also gave justice t the music of this album.

I love the gentleness of Kathryn’s Castle / Lost in the Loop and its change of rhythm from slow to fast. But take note of the title track Relative Minors (Fifteen Children / Snail Fever) where they played at a breakneck speed while displaying the delicate style they are known for. Relative Minors is a flawless album and really deserves the best place in your music shelf.

Listen to the track and buy the album here:


“Qristina is a gutsy, fiery fiddle player – Quinn is nothing short of amazing!” – Fiona Heywood, The Living Tradition Magazine (Scotland)

“Qristina and Quinn Bachand are best act to come along in the world of Celtic music since…. anyone you care to mention.” – Tim Readman, Penguin Eggs (Canada)

“The Bachands have the Celtic fever in spades and play it superbly.” – Eric Thom, Roots Music Canada

Qristina and Quinn Bachand are creating quite a stir in the Celtic and Folk music world. In 2009 they were nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award in the Young Performer of the Year category. In 2010 they won the Irish Music Association’s award for Top Traditional Group and in 2011 they earned another two Canadian Folk Music Award Nominations, Instrumental Group of the Year and Young Performer of the Year, as well as an Irish Music Award win as “Top Duo”. Qristina and Quinn have released two independent studio albums, “Relative Minors” (2008) and “Family” (2011), co-produced by Juno nominee Adrian Dolan (The Bills).

Twenty-one year old Qristina Bachand is an expressive fiddler, with a unique personal style that is bold and edgy. Clearly at ease on stage, Qristina is a natural performer, consistently delivering a spirited performance that features her energy, enthusiasm and love of Celtic music. Qristina recently added traditional and original songs to the duo’s repertoire, and is already receiving rave reviews as a vocalist. Her singing has been described as “lovely and delicate, with a laidback sweetness.” (Roots Music Canada)

At just sixteen years of age, Quinn Bachand is a gifted multi-instrumentalist who already has a reputation as “one of the best Celtic guitar accompanists in the world” (Ashley MacIsaac). Although Quinn plays a range of guitar styles including jazz, it is his talents in the world of Celtic music that are drawing the most attention. Quinn adds a contemporary edge to traditional Celtic music. In particular, his creative harmonies, hard-driving strumming, inventive chord voicing and powerful rhythmic effects make even the most well-worn tunes seem new and exciting.

Qristina and Quinn have performed across Canada, the US and Europe, including European tours in 2008, 2009 and 2012, and North American tours in 2010 and 2011.


Quinn Bachand: Teen Power in Trad Music (Interview)

Quinn Bachand: Teen Power in Trad Music (Interview)

Also in this edition: Mànran – Latha Math, Simple Celtic Phrases and Eluveitie – Live @ Graspop Metal Meeting.


Young Canadian Celtic guitar superstar Quinn Bachand exclusive interview with The Celtic Music Fan.

At 13 Quinn Bachand already shared the stage with notable names in Celtic music. He has videos all over youtube performing with the likes of Natalie MacMaster and Ashley MacIsaac. It is amazing to remember that it’s been only a few years since he and his sister Qristina got catapulted into Canada’s capital of Celtic music-the East Coast from their native British Columbia, and finally  the world. Yes like any teenager he goes to school and does his homework . It seems this year is very musical for the Bachands so I decided to get an update. The last interview I did with him was April 13 of 2011.

To be 16 and being serious in doing the kind of music he likes, what is it like?  There is also this question I wanted to ask but was not included in my first interview: Why trad music and not other types of music in an age where teenagers do dance or rock? Quinn gives surprising answers to this interview:

Your tour calendar says your next performance will be on January 26 , 2013 with “Quinn Bachand and Friends – An evening of Celtic, Roots and Jazz Music.” What are you busy doing these days?

Yes, Qristina is living in Amsterdam, so we haven’t been doing as many smaller/in-town gigs. More festivals and a concert here and there. We’re doing a tour of the Yukon in February, that will be a lot of fun. I’ve just started a group with my friend Richard Moody, from “the Bills”, and “Acoustically Inclined” so we’re just getting started. It will be Richard and I with rhythm guitar and bass playing the music of Django Reinhardt, “Gypsy Jazz.”

You have just finished doing  the Celtic Christmas Ceilidh show with your sister at the Knox. How was it?

The Christmas concert was a lot of fun! It was sold out, which is great since Qristina was coming all the way from Amsterdam. It was wonderful to see so many of our friends from Victoria that we hadn’t seen in a long time, and new ones too!

Please tell me more about this wonderful video:Lady Be Good – Performed by Richard Moody, you & Aaron Watson.


That is Richard and I, with our friend Aaron Watson. That was the first time we ever played together. It was a jazz vespers gig in Deep Cove, Saanich (Victoria). We’re playing the old Gershwin classic, Lady be Good!

It’s been more than a year since you and your sister released the album Family. How are things in the recording aspect of both your careers? Any plans for a new album?

I’ve been looking at making a solo album myself of a lot of different things, from straight ahead Celtic stuff with me on banjo, fiddle, guitar, and whatever else, to jazz. And everything in between like French Canadian waltz with Adrian Dolan on accordion, and old time Canadian swinging tunes with Daniel Lapp on the fiddle or trumpet. It’s all being thrown around and we haven’t made any decisions. I have recorded a couple of Celtic demos though.

Qristina and I are also planning on doing another record. She’s been growing a lot as a vocalist, so it would have a lot more songs on it than the last one. She’s learned a lot of awesome tunes while she’s been in Amsterdam so she’ll throw those all on the table!

Your Mom Marie is very supportive of your music. Does she go with both of you on tours?

Our mom does manage us, since I was so young (still kinda am) she or my dad, have been going with us on our tours. But I’m older than I was before and touring with ma big sis is alright with them! As long as we don’t kill each other it’s all good. Qristina’s boyfriend, Felix, will be our referee on this Yukon tour coming up.

If you were given a chance to create your own band on the side, what kind of music would it be and what instruments would be included?

I couldn’t really decide! There’s so many  instrumental arrangements of the style of music I play, alone. And so many styles I haven’t ever played that I like to listen to. A lot of those elements are slowly coming into Qristina and my set. I’ve just bought a midi bass pedal (a foot organ) that I can control to do bass notes, or swells (that you can hear on the last album). Things like that will allow me to play more banjo and fiddle in the set.

Now that you have toured the world and played with the best artists in the scene, what’s the reception like when you go back to your native British Columbia?

We’ve had the honour of playing with a lot of great musicians and some of our idols. I’m 16 so I’m still in school and my life is kind of separate from the music stuff. A lot of kids at my school don’t know about my music. It’s very separate. But the people in the music scene here are still the same towards me, we respect each other!

Being in an age where you can literally do anything musically and somehow get away with it, what makes you stick to traditional music instead of doing the things that other people do, meaning pursuing either mainstream rock or pop?

I really love trad music. It rocks pretty hard I think. I listen to some of that stuff though, and threw some cool effects from the electric guitar on the last album tastefully, and we’ll keep doing that and experiment.

More of Quinn and Qristina:


A set of reels we captured in our hotel room during Kansas City Irish Fest 2011. The tunes are The Dash to Portobello (by Sean Ryan) and I believe the second tune is Jim Donoghue’s. The whistle is an MK low D made by Misha Somerville, Quinn’s guitar made by by his dad, Adrian Bachand.-Zach Leger.



Featured video:Mànran – Latha Math

Manran hit the UK top 40 which is a wonder considering that the song is entirely in Gaelic and yes it is such an honor to celebrate the distinctive style, freshness and the coolness of the Celtic circle!

Info: Mànran are the hottest new band on the Scottish music scene. Combining driving accordion, fiddle, Highland pipes, Uilleann pipes and flute with powerful songs in English and Gaelic, all underpinned by rocking drums and bass. Though the band is a fairly recent collaboration, each member has been dazzling crowds in Scotland and throughout the world with various line-ups for a number of years but now unite to create Mànran: the fresh, unstoppable sound of modern Gaelic Scotland. Since coming together in June 2010 the band have already played at festivals in Europe and Scotland. The band have enjoyed gigs at Celtica in Italy, The Hebridean Celtic Festival in Lewis and are looking forward to a busy 2011.

Mànran are hoping to become the first band in the 21st century to take a Gaelic song into the official UK top 40. The song, “Latha Math,” was written by lead singer Norrie MacIver and it will be released on the 17th of January. It will be available for download only on iTunes. The single was produced by two of the countries top producers, Calum Malcolm (Wet Wet Wet, Simple Minds and Runrig) and also legendary accordion player and musician Phil Cunningham.

After a very successful start to 2011 after appearing on the BBC Alba hogmanay show the band are now turning their attention by making history and taking “Latha Math” to the UK Top 40!!


Simple Celtic Phrases:

Saying good night in all the Celtic languages:

Codladh sámh-Irish

Oidhche mhath-Scottish

Nos da-Welsh

Nos dha-Cornish

Ken ar wech all-Breton

Oie vie-Manx.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in Celtic languages:

Bliain úr faoi shéan is faoi mhaise duit!-Irish

Nollaig chridheil agus bliadhna mhath ùr! -Scottish

Nadolig llawen a blwyddyn newydd dda-Welsh

Nollick Ghennal as Blein Vie Noa-Manx

Nedeleg laouen ha bloavezh mat-Breton

Looan Blethen Noweth-Cornish.


Eluveitie – Live @ Graspop Metal Meeting, 23.06.12

Thanks to YouTube’s improvement we can now view a full concert. This one is by Celtic metal band from Switzerland . They are called Eluveitie. From wiki: The lyrics are often in the extinct language Gaulish. The name of the band comes from graffiti on a vessel from Mantua (ca. 300 BC).[10] The inscription in Etruscan letters reads eluveitie, which has been interpreted as the Etruscan form of the Celtic (h)elvetios (“the Helvetian”), presumably referring to a man of Helvetian descent living in Mantua.

Visit the band website:

Video is Published on Jun 25, 2012

Captured by Stucker

00:00 Prologue
01:05 Helvetios
05:20 Luxtos
09:40 Neverland
14:20 Meet the Enemy
18:20 A Rose for Epona
22:45 Inis Mona
28:40 Alesia
33:10 Uxellodunon
38:30 Kingdom come Undone
42:35 Havoc
47:33 Epilogue

Ashley MacIsaac, Sonic Impulse Etc

Another weekend has come after the wild partying during St. Patrick’s. Beautiful guys and gals around the world donned their greens. And I am green(with envy) but happy that Celticism is everywhere. Yes it is a way of life, it is a culture and just something you would like to keep yourself busy with after listening to too much war, insipid pop culture and same ol’ same ol’ stuff . Hey what do you know, I got news for you. Yes reliable sources are all around.


Casinos were filled with the golden music of Ashey MacIsaac from the 16th to the 17th. Yes this Cape Breton fiddler extraordinaire gave our  audience a show. Just to remind you folks that his new album is coming out this May. Yes , Amazon and the record bars across the US and Canada will be lined with Celtic Music Fanatics. More of this here:


There are people who just don’t like coffee. They’d rather have tea. There are those who love tea only when it has milk on it. Then there are those who love both. This also happens in music. Bagpipes are really for bagpipe fanatics. And then there are those who tamper with modern technology, add a little bit of groove , pop sensibility and the mix is ready to keep the crowd going regardless of musical preferences. Young people love to dance. Mature people like me love music with something special on it. Sonic Impulse have both. What they need is a huge amount of promotion, word of the mouth enthusiasm and then we leave the rest to the audience.

Sonic Impulse is an Electronic/Celtic/Rock group based in Hollywood California. The band members are:

BLAKE PULLEN – Vocals, Bagpipes, Samplers

KELBY THWAITS – Guitar, Keys, Vocals



ERIC BOYD – Bagpipes, Keys

Buy the album “PIPE DREAMS” now on CDBaby. The band is currently working on a new album.

For the most up to date info on SONIC IMPULSE, please visit…


Flashback to 1963. English folk singer Anne Briggs recorded this traditional tune without accompaniment. There are a lot of lyrical variations to this piece. I had to do some editing because her’s is also different from what is known to most of us. More references here:

My young love said to me,
My mother won’t mind
And my father won’t slight you
For your lack of kind.
Then she laid her hand on me
And this she did say:
Oh,it will not be long, love,
Till our wedding day.
She laid her hand on me
And she moved through the fair
And fondly I watched her
Move here and move there.
Then she laid her hand to me,
And this she did say,
Oh, it will not be long love
Till our wedding day.
Last night she came to me,
My dead love came in.
And,so softly she came
That her feet made no din.
And she laid her hand on me,
And this she did say:
Oh…It will not be long, love,
‘Til our wedding day.


Mithril hit the Arkanses review :


Check out the Sacramento Master Singers during Saint Paddy’s day:


Check out Celtic Heritage . It’s a shop where you can find anything of interest. Well, I know I will find everything interesting anyway:


Beer Belly Band is worth the fun and the music!


Celtic Spirit combines Irish and African music:

Tour Dates and Releases!

New Song Johnny and June by Mary Fahl

Great News! Mary Fahl’s new song is now available for listening in her official website. Johnny and June is a narrative song about a young man’s plight-our modern day Romeo. Always expect romance, suspense, and even visions of a grand scale when Mary dabbles into lyric writing.  The style is something you’d expect from Joni Mitchell , Leonard Cohen or even Dougie MacLean. But then there’s that unmistakable big voice filled with power and nuance at the same time.

More at www.mary


Gypsy Nomads are going to take their music on the road with 30 shows across the United States.

Here’s more from the press release:

“Primitive drums, excitement, blood roiling passion, sorcery, artistry,

sonic grace, unstoppable Gypsy power.” – Event Promoter, Wicked Faire

“The gypsy-cabaret duo sounds like it could be the poster act for Magic:

The Gathering, but the team of Samantha Stephenson and Scott Helland is

more of a neo-medieval band that takes inspiration from French singer

Francoise Hardy and alt-rock icon Siouxsie Sioux.” – Richard Gintowt, The




New York, NY – In true nomadic fashion, the New York-based duo The Gypsy Nomads are on the move, announcing a cross-country tour that will stretch throughout the summer and right into the fall. Affectionately known as ‘Frenchy and the Punk’, the Celtic cabaret effectively channels the spirit of the gypsy sound with a neo-medieval flavor, rooted in the traditions of punk and folk music. After kicking off earlier this month, the tour will wind its way through America, making stops in major cities including Nashville, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Chicago before ending at SteamCon in Seattle on November 19.

The Gypsy Nomads, composed of French-born Brit Samantha Stephenson and ex-Deep Wound punkster, Scott Helland, have been touring relentlessly since 2005. From raucous, danceable old-world melodies with cheeky stories sung in English and French, to pounding, tribal-march-style drum instrumentals, this creative duo’s quirky and captivating show has garnered attention for its high energy and honest musicality. Their songs have been licensed for Indie films and television, and have already been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show and WE TV’s Gothic Wedding. Their fourth full-length album is out July 13, 2010.


May 1-2 Spoutwood Mayday Faerie Fest, Glen Rock, PA

May 1 (night) Glen Rock Mill Inn, Glen Rock, PA

May 7-8 Beltania Fest, Florence, CO

May 12 Meadowlark Coffeehouse, Lincoln, NE

May 14 Next Millennium In-store Concert, Omaha, NE

May 15 Aquarius Books Shop, Kansas City, MO

May 19 Java Cabana, Memphis, TN

May 20 French Quarter Cafe, Nashville, TN

May 21 Loudhouse Coffee, Greenbrier, TN

May 22 Sungeros Coffeehouse, Louisville, KY

May 26 Green Lantern Pub, Lexington, KY

May 27 The Revolution, Toledo, OH

May 28-30 World Steampunk Expo, Dearborn, MI

June 3 Lions Lair, Denver, CO

June 4 Tenacious Bros Pub, Grand Junction, CO

June 5 Dwntwn Hookah Bar, Salt Lake City, UT

June 6 Zia Records Inshore Performance, Las Vegas, NV

June 7 Yayo Taco, Las Vegas, NV

June 10 Trunk Space, Phoenix, AZ

June 11 The Ruby Room, San Diego, CA

June 18 Linnaea’s Cafe, San Luis Obispo, CA

June 23 Headlands Coffeehouse, Fort Bragg, CA

June 25 Baxtalo Drom @ Amnesia, San Francisco, CA

June 27 Organic Brewers Fest, Portland, OR

July 9 Diablo’s Downtown Lounge, Eugene, OR

July 15 Hummingbird Cafe, Butte, MT

July 16 Palace Lounge, Missoula, MT

July 17 Crescent Moon In-store Concert, Tacoma, WA

June 18th Linnaea’s Cafe, San Luis Obispo, CA

July 22 The Can Can, Seattle, WA

July 30-31 Faerieworlds Fest, Eugene, OR

Aug  7-8  World of Fae Fest, Chicago (South Elgin), IL

Sept 17 Mystickal Voyage Event Space, Baltimore, MD

Sept 18 Mountain Mabon Festival, Clarksville, VA

Sept 24 Earth Warriors Festival, Clarksville, OH

Oct 9 Witches Ball. Mount Holly, NJ

Oct 23 Celebrate Samhain, Peterborough, NH

Nov 12&13 FaerieCon, Baltimore, MD

Nov 19 SteamCon, Seattle, WA






Cara Dillon Tour Around the UK

Cara Dillon is also gearing out for a tour around the UK up until August. So if you guys are interested to get tickets, better book now by visiting her official website and getting the instructions there. I think it would be lovely to listen to such pristine voice on a live setting. And when it is a Cara Dillon show, expect to be not only dazzled by her voice but also by the musicians that back her up.


* 16  The Brewery Arts Centre

Kendal 01539 725133

* 17  Gala

Durham 0191 332 4041

* 18  Big Session Festival

Leicester 0116 233 3111

* 19  Lowdham Book Festival

Lowdham 0115 9663596

* 24  Crosby Civic Hall

Liverpool 01704 540011

* 27  Norden Farm Arts Centre (Duo Show)

Maidenhead 01628 788997


* 01  The Assembly

Leamington Spa 01926 523001

* 03  St Mary’s Church

Sandwich 01227 831493

* 09  Eastleigh Music Festival

Eastleigh 023 8065 2333


* 28  Shrewsbury Folk Festival

Shrewsbury 01746 768 813


Ashley MacIsaac July Tours

After a successful tour  at Confederation Centre of the Arts in Charlottetown. And Ecole Secondaire du Sacre Couer – Sudburry ON Ashley McIsaac will be seen in  the following venues:

July 9th, 2010 – Mariposa Festival – Orillia, ON Canada

July 10th 2010 – Same as above

His performances are never to be missed.


Natalie MacMaster Live DVD Out!

Fans of Natalie MacMaster will be delighted to know that they can now take her performance home in the comfort of thir home theater.  The DVD Natalie MacMaster Live in Cape Breton is now out. It features stalwarts known in the genre of Folk,Blue Grass and Classical such as  Hayley Westenra, Bela Fleck, Donnell Leahy, Buddy MacMaster and the Cape Breton Fiddles Association .

You can buy the DVD here: