Clannad’s Daughter Aisling Jarvis in the United States

Clannad’s Daughter Aisling Jarvis in the United States


Feisty Irish singer/songwriter Aisling Jarvis is conquering the United States with her scheduled tours. She is performing either as a solo act or supporting her mom Moya Brennan. It’s only last year when she released her solo EP called Romeo and Juliet and now she is displaying that unbridled confidence playing live, and showcasing her strong voice.
Her music is very contemporary combining elements of pop, new folk and traditional Irish. You would think that this young artist would veer too far away from her Irish roots based on her punk influenced get-up and stage attitude. But she has proven that she can deliver her own fresh sound while still representing her Donegal roots.
As a sound Engineer, Aisling Jarvis introduced her own mixes adding a strong and upfront sound to Clannad’s new album Nadura. I think with her talents and amazing persona, she is going to travel far and wide, and set hearts on fire.

Romeo and Juliet EP by Aisling Jarvis

Romeo and Juliet EP by Aisling Jarvis

Aisling Jarvis

Artist: Aisling Jarvis

Album: Romeo and Juliet

Style: Acoustic

Location: Dublin

Romeo and Juliet is an excellent recording work by Aisling Jarvis in several aspects. And we will explore them in a bit. First of all, who is Aisling Jarvis?  Here’s what I gathered: she started writing songs at an early age through the moniker Green Noise. She pursued the career as a studio engineer and as a permanent member of Moya Brennan’s band. These facets brought the following the the fore of Romeo and Juliet:


Romeo and Juliet has three tracks: Fragile, Sliabh Na Mban and When You’re Here. These are all solid tracks with their own merits and styles. Her musical style is her own with a few nods from adult contemporary pop/rock, traditional Irish and folk. Green Noise was mostly electronica so I was thinking she would develop this path but the EP surprised me.

Fragile explores the perils and rewards of relationship. The track is layered with her own vocals owing to what Clannad is known for but at the same time totally different. Sliabh Na Mban showcases her expertise with the uilleann pipes. The sensitivity and passion on how she explores the instrument is notable. This is a traditional air which Aisling gave new life to. When You’re Here focuses on break up and make up in every relationships.

Vocal style:

Aisling Jarvis displays strong vocal capabilities. It reminds me a bit of  Cornish singer/songwriter Alex Parks but has a more haunting quality. There is also a hint of Anne Lennox when she goes into the lower register.


What can you expect from a studio engineer? Of course, the best sound recording which really showcases her artistic efforts. Romeo and Juliet is a teaser into the richness of her future works. I see an artist budding into a big name in Irish music.


Aisling Jarvis is a 21 year-old singer/songwriter from Dublin, Ireland.

She comes from a prolific musical family/her mother is Moya Brennan of Clannad. Apart from her solo work writing/performing and her work as a studio engineer, she is a permanent member of Moya Brennan’s band and has toured extensively in Europe and the USA.

Aisling plays guitar, bouzouki, uilleann pipes, keyboards and percussion – to which she adds her unique voice.
She has featured on a number of studio albums, but in April 2013 she released her first solo EP, which features an evocative cover of Mark Knopfler’s “Romeo and Juliet”, along with two of her own original songs and a traditional uilleann pipes instrumental.




Below are what’s going on in the Celtic world:

New Release; Across the Purple Sky

Launch of new album “Across The Purple Sky – A tribute to Sandy Denny” on her 35th Anniversary.

Join the event here:

This is in the Czech Republic

Join the event here:

And something from Horslips for all ye Celtic rockers!
Celtic Note is a brand new 12 part TV series featuring the best of Irish music on Showcase TV, Sky Channel 191 and FreeSat 400. The show will air every Tuesday at 8.30pm with a repeat showing every Sunday at 5pm beginning Tuesday 26th February 2013. The one hour long show will be presented by well known Irish music personalities Sandy Kelly and John McNicholl and directed by renowned TV and film veteran Ian McGarry (RTÉ, BBC, Sport, News, Eurovision, Fair City, Daniel O’Donnell’s Shades of Green, Sandy Kelly & Friends Series). The series will feature top quality concerts and documentary programmes from a range of Irish music stars including The Dubliners, Horslips, Margo, Sharon Shannon and many more. Visit online and on

New mp3 samples for your listening pleasure..

Featuring:Layne Greene, Coda, Mickey Harte, Andrew Slim Black, Dan Aston and James M Law!

Good day folks. I spent the whole day listening and uploading songs. This happened because I received recordings from the following artists and it is nice to credit their work as well as getting you to know them one by one. Music helps us remember and it eases our pains and anger. I love the fact that music is my substitute for tons and tons of chocolate I could have swallowed trying to ease the blues of the past few weeks. I am glad to tell you that I am ok now. It  could have been difficult without music. I am featuring one by one. I have CDs on my shelf right now but I can’t cram them all here. Instead, I will take it one at a time. I am giving you a sampler at the end of this article. That way you will decide what artist you are going to pick up when you start shopping for records.

Pre release : Layne Greene EP

A new EP by Canadian folk musician Layne Greene (who is based in Nova Scotia) is in the works for final release. There are four tracks in the EP : Break, Iron Town, Winter Song and Working Man. Some of these tracks have been uploaded via his youtube, soundcloud and myspace pages. The only difference is that he actually made modifications and worked with jazz guitarist Alex MacNeil. Alex has a friend by the name of Shawn Bisson. Shawn did all the mixing/engineering for the session. He’s an actual sound engineer, and he just happened to be around and tagged along for the session. The artwork will be done by graphic artist Julie Meyer. For the  sample of Iron Town please refer to the bottom of this article where I posted all the sound samples for your listening pleasure.

Lyrics of Iron Town:

Words and music by Layne Greene

We built this town
on island waters
we wear ourselves down
with ropes and shovels

while days go by
and we sleep away
our time

we’ll wake to find
a restless state of mind
and all our thoughts
are leaving this place behind

while days go by
and sleep away
our lies

and we build the round
this iron town
and we’ll sit around
in our iron town
in our town

Lyrics printed with permission to the composer.


Featured Videos: Coda-The Briar & The Rose/Elsafty, Armstrong & Browne in Concert

I like Tom Waits and when my friend Jimmy sent me a link to this video I was pleasantly surprised.  I was hooked. I keep on looking and listening. These guys gave me goosebumps! The second video is interesting in a sense that it is the most ‘traditional’ of all my post.

Róisín Elsafty — vocal
Siobhán Armstrong — early Irish harp
Ronan Browne — Union pipes, bansuri, tin whistle


Our pic of the Day: Moya Brennan and Family

Moya Brennan: Going to Glastonbury with the family. We’ll all be performing the Croissant Neuf Stage Saturday afternoon. Maybe see you there? 3 June 2011
Tim , Moya, Paul and Aisling Jarvis. The reason why I found this photo fascinating is because it tells us that Irish music will always be a family affair. It is nice to see Moya and family looking relaxed and ready for musical action.


Listening To: Mickey Harte-Forward to reality

I got a big surprise when I received a complimentary CD in the mail.


Featured MP3s

Iron Town is taken from an upcoming EP. Title is in the works.

Bordertown is taken from an album Forward to Reality to be officially launched on September 16.

Peggy Gordon is taken from the new album of Andrew “Slim” Black called Gallows Tree Tales.

Way Home by Dan Aston. He is a singer/songwriter based in Cornwall. He is working on a debut CD which will be out in 2013.

The Thistle and The Daffodil by James M Law.

LiveTrad:Moya and Aisling

I wrote about LiveTrad and did an interview in my previous article. The people behind it deserve our cheers as they continue to bring traditional Irish music to the world. Well, I was happy when I heard that Moya Brennan was going to be featured along with her daughter Aisling.  It is nice to see Moya perform in such an intimate setting with just few instruments . Her voice can really take the whole room with it’s confounding mystery.

I am also going to note here that Aisling Jarvis is creating her own musical path. I have heard her older tracks in myspace when she was just starting to compose and perform. Her style is modern with ethereal flavor and electronic embellishments.  It is really great to see both of them perform together.  I am happy to watch these videos despite my flu. This sickness is getting to my friends these days. I think it always happens when the weather moves from cold to warm. Anyway thanks to LiveTrad for capturing these moments on video.




More of these if you go to LiveTrad youtube channel

Paul Jarvis: Thoughts from the Youngest of The Brennans

Making funny faces:Paul and Aisling

Making funny faces:Paul and Aisling

Our week opens heralding the month of May, the celebration of Beltane. My friend Jenny said it is Spring in Europe, the season of love.  Spring reminds us of the beauty of youth, the freshness of everything, the first bloom of flowers and the warm colors of the day. They say it is the youth that carries the legacy of our ancestors into the new era. I believe so. And since youth is our theme for this week, I have the honor to present to you my guest , who is young, musical and Irish.

Paul Jarvis is the son of Tim Jarvis, a freelance photographer and Moya Brennan lead singer of Clannad and the First Lady of Celtic music.  He performed in his mother’s recording at an age of four! He  also sometimes perform side by side his sister Aisling. Music is in the genes. You will find out through this nice  one on one with Paul.

  • How is it like growing up with the Brennans?

I love it, but I don’t really have anything to compare it to. There such a great family. The best is when all nine of the Brennan brothers and sisters go up to Donegal for Christmas. There is always something mad happening! It is quite hard for Olive my auntie to come over because of living in Australia, but when she does come she often brings my cousin Callum over, whom i get on very well with, and in Ireland I spend a lot of time with Pól’s son Ember, he’s a great lad!

One of those rare moments with Mom

One of those rare moments with Mom


  • Your mom has performed many concerts. Does she sometimes bring you along?

I have traveled quite a lot with my mum. She does many gigs in Europe so it’s not too hard to go and meet her, and sometimes (but very rarely) she takes us to places such as America or Tanzania. We kind of turn them into holidays while we’re there as well. So it can be a great experience! Although my sister, Aisling, has started to travel a lot more with my mum. She plays with her regularly now.

  • In Whisper to the Wild Water, you appeared narrating a speech in Gaelic about St Francis of the Assisi. It’s a beautiful piece. How old were you at that time? It’s a moving track.

I was, I think four years old at the time of recording. At the time I didn’t have a clue what the words meant because it was all in Irish and I couldn’t speak it back then. When recording my mum sat next to me and told me the words and then i repeated it into the mic, and that’s how it was recorded. i was also asked to go over to sing it in Japan, but I was too scared of the crowds at that age, so I never performed it live with my mum.

  • Your sister Aisling is also getting involved with music and also performed with your mom. Do you wish to follow the same path someday?

I would love to start playing with my mum in the future, I just need to up my standard, so it should be good if I do get around to it in the next few years. i wouldn’t be able to play next year though because I have my big school exams, but after.

  • You are currently studying right? What type of music do the guys listen in your college?

Yes, I am in my secondary school currently and I do eight subjects, one of which is music. It is mostly classical music but there is some Irish traditional music as well.

  • How do fans of Clannad and your mom treat you when they spot you?

There are a few of my mum’s fans who would recognize me but apart from that, I don’t think they would recognize me!