Something new from Cara Dillon

On the recent Celtic Connections, Cara Dillon rendered a new song from her new album Hill of Thieves. The song is called The Verdant Braes of Skreen. She explains that the song is all about unrequited love. Oh I just love her sense of humor. During the first stanza I can't help but shiver at the [...]

Here’s a little bit of Celtic music for you

Happy Sunday.Your music Druid has been busy sorting his life but what can I say? Life is blessed and life is beautiful.I have enjoyed some Hayley Westenra music and of course this one from Clannad. Check it out.Clannad - Coinleach Glas an Fhómhair ***   The first time I heard that song I fell inlove [...]

Clannad is working on a new album

  Yes it is true. For those who never heard it, Clannad is recording a new album and is probably finished and confirmed by the official site The Grammy -winning band who gave us Theme From Harry's Game as will as I Will Find You (theme from The last of the Mohicans) is once again in [...]

Irish without being too remotely Celtic

Hello there peeps. So what keeps me up these days? Listening to Irish rock such as the likes of Sinead O'Connor (whom I have given spot light on my previous post) and The Cranberries. U2 would have to be my first introduction to Irish rock and then followed by The Cranberries. It was an accident that a throw [...]

Sinead O’Connor after the controversies

  Been listening to my Sinead O'Connor retrospective which lists all her albums from The Lion and the Cobra up to her las known release.Enya appeared on her first album reading a passage in Psalms in Irish Gaelic.The song is called "Never Get Old" Years and years later, she blasted her with this words from her official [...]