Newfoundland Vinyl IV by Allison Crowe is Out!

When your work becomes a community journal of encyclopedic range, then music can just sustain you in many ways.

Allison Crowe continues to add to her growing musical achievements with Newfoundland Vinyl IV

  Listening to her 4th collection of songs in Newfoundland Vinyl IV(a collection of tunes from Newfoundland and Labrador), I can’t help but appreciate her patience and persistence in forging a musical path that’s based on true art. Crowe has a strong but supple voice that can belt out mainstream tunes with ease. I read somewhere that she walked away from a recording deal in New York because no artistic compromise was met. They probably want her to be another pop star and she found the whole thing ecky, but oh well she has proven to be very productive and great in what she does!  In Newfoundland Vinyl series, she took the task of recording songs, that span many generations. And although this kind of project doesn’t promise one a top 20 hit in mainstream charts, its merit can be seen in generations to come. After all, true art will always linger when all fads have died down.

The latest Newfoundland Vinyl has 16 acoustic songs recorded and released under her own label Rubenesque records. My current favorite is No Change in Me. Here, she is channeling the inner Joni Mitchell while delivering a unique vocal style reminiscent of Stevie Nicks and softer Edith Piaf. There are also influences from Classical to Celtic music, which will enthrall listeners of eclectic tastes. And repeated listens will yield  appreciation for the depth of her artistry. You can’t help but marvel at the many gifts this project will bring you, lyrically and musically. 

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