All Souls by Eamon O’Leary is a Celebration of Simplicity and Clarity


Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 7.54.27 PM

All Souls: A trip to humanity’s light and darkness.

All Souls by Eamon O’Leary is what happens when a crystal clear recording highlights  the beauty of beautiful melodies. The near-minimalist approach is a breath of fresh air, when the current trend of music is mostly about overblown production. His warm baritone voice is suited to such intimate songwriting approach. 

The songs are predominantly melancholic, but there are moments of clarity and joy-a celebration of humanity. It’s as if he is singing about your experiences because All Souls is an album written through experience. You can’t write this kind of stuff in your twenties. No sir. That’s why albums like these are hard to find. 

If you are wondering who he is, here’s what I gathered. Eamon O’Leary is a singer-songwriter from New York’s Lower East Side, originally from Dublin, Ireland. ‘All Souls’ is his first album for Reveal Records. I also found out that it was entirely self-written and recorded with Jefferson Hamer (Anais Mitchell), and Benjamin Lazar Davis (Cuddle Magic, Joan As Police Woman, Okkervill River).  My favorite tracks are Bywater, Marina Blue and The Weary Child.  

Although references to other artists are obvious when you listen to him, he truly has an original sound. If you are the type who prefers simplicity and clarity over embellishment in a production sense, then this album is for you. 




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