Listen to this: Canções De São Patrício (Saint Patrick’s Songs)

Today, we are going to Brazil and listen to Irish songs. I can imagine that ‘buffering data’ from old computer  look from your face. How is that possible? Teleportation is not yet in the market. So how?! Well it’s easy. Just close your eyes and listen to this album. I am sure you will float too. And I can imagine that ‘buffering look’ suddenly transformed into something else. But whither you are going to throw irony this way, we can’t deny the fact that Celtic and Brazilian fusion is amazing!

I just love this guy’s music. It sounds so refreshing. It’s like letting someone wear a different pair of shoes for the occasion. So fans of Gilberto, Jobim, Nascimento and Mendes will appreciate this one. Canções De São Patrício (Saint Patrick’s Songs) is a new release from independent digital label Progshine Records.

Rafael Senra is a name you should put in your memory because I think his music deserves a lot of exposure. He is a musician, writer and cartoonist. On August 2017  he released his first album called Canções De São Patrício (Saint Patrick’s Songs). On this record Rafael took famous Celtic songs and made Portuguese versions for them. Something that, up to now, was unheard of.

Released August 9, 2017

Rafael Senra: arrangements, versions (*), compositions (bonus tracks), vocals, acoustic guitar, Melodica.

  • except on track 4, lyrcis by Cláudio Manuel da Costa – excerpts from À Lira Desprezo e À Lira Palinódia.

Recorded in March 2017, at Casa dos Senra studios (Congonhas – MG, Brazil).

Mixed by Renato Lopes and Cleiton Lupe at Ômega Studio (Congonhas – MG, Brazil) in April/May 2017

Graphic design by Rafael Senra.
Pictures by Mauro Fernandes Barros

copyright © 2017 Rafael Senra



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