Moya Brennan Live in Leeds!


Teacher, songwriter, traveler and special guest blogger Paula O’Brien shares her experience, seeing the First lady of Celtic Music Live for the first time. 

Moya Brennan live – Arriving at the theatre you are greeted by Irish harps positioned on the stage, a keyboard, some guitars, setting the scene for the evening of celtic splendour to come. Moya sang songs from her new album “Canvas” and recounted how all these songs are highly personal to her drawing upon influences such as her deceased father(Leo Brennan), her days as a child playing on the beaches of Donegal, sounds of gulls also being included to evoke her childhood memories. All the musicians were highly skilled, her son and daughter were also on stage with her, Aising Jarvis and Paul Jarvis, on harp Cormac de Barra. She also sang classic Clannad songs such as the love theme from Last of The Mohicans, the Theme from Harry’s Game, Robin, The Hooded man and many more. Particularly delightful was the sample played of the instrumental Lady Guinevere, a beautiful harp piece. Her voice soared throughout the intimate, Victorian theatre, note perfect and highly expressive. An ethereal evening for all!

Band: Moya Brennan – Vocals and Harp Cormac De Barra – Harp, Bodhran and Vocals Aisling Jarvis – Guitar, Bouzouki, Whistle and Vocals Lia Wright – Violin and Vocals Paul Jarvis – Keyboards, Percussion and Vocals.


Moya chatted with the audience, she was very calm and smiley. A nice vibe emanated from her. We were on the front row and she smiled at us. It was an amazing musical event.

– Paula.



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