Hi friends. It looks like yours truly is building momentum for 2018. So expect more posts. I am also keeping busy with my other blogs but I will make sure this one deserves the first on the list as this is first blog I ever built. Yeah that was almost ten years ago. Time flies! [...]


Kyle Carey’s The Art of Forgetting will haunt our musical memories.

A good singer knows how to use the voice to achieve an effect. She knows when to use nuance and her phrasing is always on point. Apart from that, a good singer possesses a good timbre. Although we know that our concept of ‘beauty’ varies from culture to culture, we do know a remarkable voice [...]

Lúnasa: Hitting the right notes with Cas.

It feels like being away for long time and the fondness if overwhelming. I am talking about Ireland's hottest export, Lúnasa. They have a new album out called Cas. And this is not just like any of their past albums. Here, the have guest vocalists and I will talk about it later(and why I am [...]