Thirsty for Irish traditional music? Listen to Music In The Glen!


Take a fish out of the water and it will struggle to find its way back. This is what Traditional Irish music is like to true lovers of the genre-we thirst when we have been deprived for so long!

Music in the Glen is a new album by the trio of Brendan Mulholland (flute) and founding Réalta members Conor Lamb (uilleann pipes, whistles) and Deirdre Galway (guitar). Check out the album liner notes for more info about the background of each track and also the contributing artists.

I admire the clarity of each instrument and the passion that all contributing artists have put forth in this project. You have fast and slow tracks creating a balance of mood all throughout this recording. I’ve already featured these musicians previously, Brendan Mulholland (with Jen’s Hill and Tuned Up), Conor Lamb  and Deirdre Galway (for Réalta). So you see, I expect nothing less and my excitement has been rewarded with a grand listening experience which makes me smile track by track.

Music in the Glen has eleven tracks.  Reels, waltzes, jigs and airs all featured with creative twists and turns that make traditional music such an exciting experience to listen to. My personal faves are The Sweetheart (because I am writing this on a Valentine’s day), Lament for Limerick (because it is not often to hear a piano in a trad recording), My Sister’s Cat(listen to the instrumental duel between Mulholland and Lamb starting at 2:13, and how I held my breath until Deirdre Galway resolved in with her guitar, I think I died there!) and many more.

If you are a purist or just new to Traditional Irish music- or just trying to learn how to play the instruments; then get this album! I assure you that you will enjoy it.


Watch this stunning video and check out that fantastic duel I was talking about.



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