That “Outlander” Theme – The Skye Boat Song

That “Outlander” Theme – The Skye Boat Song

There was a commotion when the Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon got released in the 90s. I had no idea that years later they would finally end up in the small screen! Good reviews came pouring in and I found myself watching each episode.

I love the great thought that was put in many aspects of this show-cinematography, costumes etc. At first I was hesitant to watch because I thought it’s no different from the many TV shows that they are putting out there. But it is not.

If you are keen on watching every episode of Outlander, then you might have noticed the opening theme. It’s by Bear McCreary featuring the voice of Raya Yarbrough. It’s called The Skye Boat Song. I think it is a fitting intro to a beautiful series that will inspire people who are into Scottish history (or historical shows of any form).

I will surely follow this series. I could not add anything more than what has already written by fellow bloggers. But let me tell you this. When life is hard, you turn to stories not just for escape, but also for encouragement. These shows give you hope. You learn about yourself through the characters. Yes, strange as it may seem reading or watching beautiful movies or TV shows can be a form of personal reflection.

Never loose hope. Never give up. And most of all, strive to be happy, when happiness seems fleeting.

I hope you can take something inspiring out of the songs that I recommend-and the shows where they came from.

Prisoner Zero, Now on Netflix!

Prisoner Zero, Now on Netflix!


Moya Brennan made an official announcement yesterday regarding the soundtrack to the animated series Prisoner Zero. If you’re keen on reading my posts then you might have read something from two years ago regarding this topic.

If you are in the US, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand you can now stream the TV show that Aisling Jarvis and I composed all the music for, Prisoner Zero, on Netflix!! Go check it out! Can’t wait to hear what you all think of the music -Moya Brennan

I think everyone will love this TV series as the trailer looks great. And yes you can hear the music of Moya Brennan and Aisling Jarvis right there! The music sound’s really edgy and this is something really great coming from the mother and daughter team.

Moya Brennan started her career as the lead vocalist of Clannad. She pursued a successful solo career and worked with diverse artists including Paul Young, Shane MacGowan and Michael McDonald. Her voice can be heard in major Hollywood films and she tours tirelessly.

Listen to Jacqui Sharkey – The Whole Of The Moon

Listen to Jacqui Sharkey – The Whole Of The Moon

Have you ever took a leave from your primary passion to find yourself liking it again? I feel that with blogging. After devoting most of my time riding my bike (fixed gear), I feel it is time to once again talk to my old self. Sometimes blogging can be an enigmatic part of you, in a sense that it has taken a big chunk of your psyche. But then, we add layers and in doing so we start to branch out into other avenues. If only we are superhuman but we have limited resources and one of them is time…

Thanks to this wonderful artist by the name of Jacqui Sharkey, I am once again enjoying the feel of the keys and also how thoughts flow freely. She has a distinctive sound. It reminds me of a beach at sunrise. Her resonant voice is both raw and elegant, displaying the frayed edges of what it takes to weather storms in one’s existence and still continue to be human.

The whole of the Moon has been covered by many artists, but this acoustic feel is so fresh that you just want to play it again and again. Sharkey is based in Donegal, the same place that gave us Altan and Clannad. The beautiful music video was filmed on location in Donegal, Ireland at Doon Fort, Portnoo, The Grianan of Aileach, Burt, The Poison Glen, Dunlewy, Gweedore and at Magheraclogher Beach, Bunbeg  around August 2017.

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