Energetic Debut Album by ShamRocks!

Plus…Liz Madden’s “Will You Go Lassie Go” from “Legacy” and The New Blackthorn Stick, the World’s First Irish Clarinet Album.


Anatoliy Khomenko – violin, mandolin, vocals
Sergiy Khudoliy – accordion, vocals
Alexey Sletkov – drums, additional gang vocals
Nick Turunov – guitars, vocals
Serge Vdovychenko – lead vocals, bass guitar
Andrew Yakovenko – guitars, vocals, tin whistles, flute, mandolin, kazoo

Additional musicians

Alexander Nemish – additional backing vocals
Iryna Dzhola – additional backing vocals


I love hearing new music. And I have forgone the formula when it comes to writing. I’ve been posting on this site since 2009 and if you look at my archives you can tell that I’ve posted quite a lot. The thing I am grateful for is my fervent love for music. I might grow tired of blogging. Who knows I might pursue a different career path a few years from now. But listening to music will always be my first love. Music takes to a place of joy when the world seems cruel. And years from now, there will come time when we will be taking out the records we bought when we were in our 20s and marvel at how we’ve change. We can also take pleasure at being able to travel back in time and get that understanding as to how we’re in our current state.


So allow me to introduce this wonderful band from Kyiv, Ukraine. It is the capital and largest city of Ukraine. It is situated in the north central part of the country on the Dnieper River. The population as of last year was 2,887,974. Ukrainians are wonderful and talented people. I am so glad that this blog can now reach the fans of  ShamRocks. 

According to Anatoliy Khomenko( violin, mandolin and vocals) “we play Celtic Punk / Stout Rock – our signature mixture of Irish, Finnish and other types of folk music with a variety of rock and metal styles.” Check out their track Kaalifornipolkka. It is their take on Californication, originally by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The polka elements along with the hard rock styles are really fascinating. As my rapper friend Rory Kirwan would say “This is dope!”screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-4-05-32-pm
Captain’s Log is the band’s first album. It also happens to be (from their words) a collection of the best tunes over the 7-year period, from the first demo ever recorded to the latest studio creations. This is the quintessential introduction to ShamRocks as well as the history of Ukraine’s celtic punk scene as a whole. All tracks have been mixed and re-mastered through analog tape to create that immersive “crowded pub” feel.
Lord of the Dance could be a nod to the famous Irish dancer Michael Flatley, but whatever your interpretations to the lyrics behind the songs, it can’t be denied that the band has created a kind of music that has an impact to the Punk, Metal,Ska and Alternative music community. With their raw-sounding intensity and melodic tunes(coupled with the Celtic and folk styles), one can appreciate the genre busting appeal of Shamrocks.
There are ten songs in Captain’s Log. And as indicated above, these songs have been with a band for a couple of years. There are covers as well as original tunes. Fans of Shane McGowan and Dropkick Murphys will get a treat!
I enjoyed the album. It’s a great company to working day when you want something lively to go with your coffee. I also take this for a bike ride. Nothing like a lively tune to greet the day on wheels.
See bandcamp for track listing:
Liz Madden
Liz Madden’s contemporary singing style is what makes people warm up to her music. Her rendition of Will You Go Lassie Go is tinged with pop, rnb, jazz and even ethnic colours. Anyone who listens to this track will say it is beautiful because of its universal appeal. I am wondering if Legacy is as universal as this track. It makes me curious. I will post an observation when I get the album!
Legacy was recorded with Fionán de Barra (a member of RUNA, has toured with Clannad), mixes Gaelic chants and English vocals, and features guest performances from Joanie Madden (of Cherish The Ladies) and Eamonn de Barra (of Slide). In addition to more than a few original tunes and takes on traditional pieces, the album features recordings of Joan Baez’s “Diamonds & Rust” and Emmylou Harris’ “Boulder to Birmingham”. Thanks to Eric Mace of Valley Entertainment for the info.
The New Blackthorn Stick
I am crazy about clarinet music! Here’s a new album sampler by The New Blackthorn Stick.
Clips of Gallagher’s Frolics with Mary Bergin and Steve Holloway, Come by the Hills sung by Donie Carroll, Lord Mayo with Dermot Byrne, Floriane Blancke and Mike Stewart, Tom Steele with Brian Conway and John Walsh, Finn McCool’s Favorite with Jerry O’Sullivan, and more…
You can also hear it from this podcast: http://www.andylamyclarinet.com/podcasts__reviews/

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