The Beautiful Drama Unfolds:The Bell That Never Rang by Lau



1 First Homecoming

2 The Death of the Dining Car

3 Back in Love Again

4 Tiger Hill (Armoured Man)

5 The Bell That Never Rang

6 Ghosts


A true audiophile loves traveling though the highways of sounds. And the new Lau album provides this opportunity. Partly experimental and partly rooted to British folk, The Bell that Never Rang is an exquisite aural experience that will please crowds on both ends of the spectrum.

Lau comprises  Martin Green (accordion, wurlitzer, keys, electronics), Aidan O’Rourke (fiddle) and Kris Drever (vocals, guitar).With their combined influences, they merge the world inhabited by the likes of Radiohead and the tradition of Fairport Convention. Which is also to say, that Lau continues to hold the sumptuous sounds of bands that came from the region before them.

The experimental nature of their sound is no accident. According to their bio, the three members have their involvement in so many different solo projects. This includes making records for other artists, and providing creative spark for their peers. Which is such a feat considering that they are still able to be consistent in releasing albums via Lau. It is a wonder that they can maintain that creative focus with so many choices and many musicians to collaborate with. But perhaps, like making a family, it all boils to decision. And they have decided to stick to their own kind of sound and band.

The Bell that Never Rang is a joy to listen to. At the center of the new album lies the epic seventeen-minute, collaborative title track, with The Elysian Quartet. This track is so massive and dense that its gravity seems to pull the songs around it to its core. It’s almost a religious experience!

I enjoyed this album and I hope you discover the same experience as you journey through their sound, which is also a journey to your heart.

Don’t miss their US tour by visiting their Gigs section:


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