Wow! The Led Farmers @ Arlene’s Grocery 9/2 and LAU @ Rockwood Music Hall 9/15

Hey! Hey! Hey! one of the coolest Irish bands of the decade is performing. I am talking about The Led Farmers. I love their sense of humor and I admire their musical skills! Now if you haven’t noticed yet, they are on Facebook:

As with Lau I recently wrote a piece about Kris Drever so you know what to expect 😉

Check out the press release of the concert below . They are performing with Lau:

THE LED FARMERS – @ Arlene’s Grocery, Friday Sept. 2nd 10PM
The Led Farmers are an Indie Irish Folk/Rock Band from Ireland that grew up steeped in the Irish music tradition and have garnered a reputation for excellence by combining their rich heritage with modern Ireland to create a fresh new energy. The Led Farmers 
are launching their brand new album “Katie” on September 1stand will be on tour in the US this August and September. While they love to play the Irish folk classics it is their own songs and fresh new arrangements of folk music that has seen them get attention of late. The group boasts a two-time All Ireland Music champion and many of its’ members have studied music at University level. They have toured the US and Europe and are becoming one of Ireland’s best loved live acts. In 2015 they played 87 shows and 2016 looks to be similar. The band keeps the tradition while moving it forward.
THE LED FARMERS @ Arlene’s Grocery, Friday Sept. 2nd 10PM
LAU – Scottish Folk band, LAU, releases ‘THE BELL THAT NEVER RANG’ In NYC 
@ Rockwood Music Hall September 19th sponsored by WFUV
The intuitive and often beautiful interplay of accordion, fiddle and guitar glides to a new level as instrumental virtuosity blends easily with tasteful electronics.”  Mojo
Scottish Folk group, LAU, redefine how a trio can sound, arming themselves with both highly original repertoire and superb takes on traditional material. Their latest release, ‘The Bell That Never Rang’ has been nominated for Scottish Album of The Year award 2016. The Bell That Never Rang is their fourth studio album,  released last year in the UK on Reveal Records. Brilliant musicians, thrilling performers and free-thinking visionaries small wonder Lau are regarded as the epicentre of the new folk boom. And they’ve got shelves groaning with awards (BBC RADIO 2 FOLK AWARD WINNERS, BEST BAND, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2015 THE HERALD), a forest’s worth of ecstatic reviews and breathless plaudits from excited audiences in various outposts of the world ringing in their ears to prove it.
LAU @ Rockwood Music Hall Sept. 19th tickets @ 8:30PM


Hello everyone,

Good news! Our new album has arrived! Say hello to Katie. We are very happy with this CD and I hope you will be too.

To all the people who supported the making of our album, we will get your rewards to you as soon as we can. We’re off to America in 36 hrs but after that we will get to work on all the CDs, t shirts, poems, sketches, Irish lessons and signed photos for all you fine people. Thanks again 😁👍

If you would like a copy you can purchase online at

All the best,
The Led Farmers.



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