Nóirín Ní Riain is One of Ireland’s Finest!

While it is a joy to ponder on how Celtic music continues to be a force of nature due to the internet, it is also worth pausing and looking back at the artists who paved the way for the new generation of Irish singers, composers and performers. Big thanks to Caitlin Grey for tweeting about musical artist Noirin Ni Riain. I heard her Celtic Soul  album from 1996 outside newyears ago and it is a special album as it introduced me to her body of work. Her style is unique as it preserves the essence of Irish spirituality that continues to fascinate listeners. It is the kind of sound that placed Ireland in the musical map. Mainly because it is a sound that can only come from that place  in the Atlantic.It is a joy to know she continues to record music!

Hearth Sounds is her new album released around 2014. More about the album:

Ancient Songs from Ireland and the World

This is my second album with her sons Owen and Moley Ó Súilleabháin. We have been singing and performing with her for almost a decade now. This album, recorded in Glenstal Abbey, Morroe, County Limerick is a great album mixing Irish language chant, with medieval Gregorian chant and some english language hymns. There is a sound we make as a mother and two sons; something happens organically for people when they listen to us. We’re aware of it ourselves too. Somehow, they’re in the same moment as I am when we sing these songs. I taught them to them, sang to them an awful lot when they were in the womb.

Listen to the samples here: http://www.theosony.com/music/hearth-sounds/

In the meantime, enjoy the links to her youtube music:


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