New Music from Fraser Fifield:Snowblind


Snowblind:Get ready for winter

I love the music of effect pedals coupled with traditional Celtic music instruments. Fraser Fifield has created another tune that you can listen to in bed, while staring at the ceiling. I have not much to say except the word “amazing” or “awesome.” But he has a lot to say. So I am doing a copy and paste of his recent facebook statement that accompany this track:

some new music I made earlier in the week, now for sale, yours for $1.00 if you like it, if you don’t, it’s still only $1. I know people don’t buy music anymore, that’s so last century….but perhaps think of it this way – you are directly supporting an artist who, in his own little way, is helping prevent your society from freefalling into a soulless, corporate abyss, or think of it however you like…fact is, for about 70p you can own, a piece of music which even 10 years ago wasn’t possible to make, that’s right, the world is changing that fast, don’t be left behind – own this music today, an infinite amount of copies to be downloaded…
I recorded this on Mon/Tues and uploaded to the various doodahs on Wednesday, now it’s on sale on Friday. A more artistically pleasing process perhaps than the typical month of recording then 6 months of pr and advertising …. this is my musing behind this outburst of activity, there may be more of this type of thing.
The title is born out of the fact that a white jpg with some writing on it was easiest option given my graphic designing, low cost, sister is in Palestine. Instrumental music is subjective however, so it works fine.  ‪#‎newmusic‬

Hmmm I don’t know how to respond to that. Do you?


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