Enya is back with Dark Sky Island and what have I learned so far?

New Enya album Dark Sky Island will be out this year, November 20.

Seven years folks. Yes it took Enya seven years to come up with a follow-up to her holiday album And Winter Came. And for the first time in many months I am doing a bit of redesigning. This site looked old. I feel old when I post here. So many things happened. I have moved on. I discovered new passion. The seasons have changed me. But one thing remains. Every time she releases a new album I feel the seasons of my life shifting. It’s like whatever happened to me, no matter what happens…that familiar sound will always remind me what kind of person I am(or used to be). Do you also feel this? Do you feel the bite of revisiting old events? Ir is there something in your past that is not that bad? I think for me if ever there is that ‘equalizer’ then it has to be music. With the release of Dark Sky Island, what have I learned from Enya?

  1. Stay true to your style no matter what people say. Yes we always add layers. We don’t change but we are capable of morphing into another person when situation calls for it.I don’t ever forget a mistake and I always remember. But then again we customise our lives to carry on because that’s what we have to do. If we don’t then we die. And when we die then all the struggles that we did and those who loved us will be for nothing. So yes we aim for the best. In all of us and everyone. But we will always stay true to who and what we are in the seasons of our lives.
  2. Don’t do anything unless you mean it and you do it passionately. This is what has always defined Enya’s career through the years. She doesn’t care if another album comes out in 2025 or 2030. The important thing is that the process was done as she (Nicky and Roma) intended the album to be.
  3. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Have you ever lost someone so important in your life that every year you miss that person? This is the same with music. She doesn’t put out albums year after year. Because face it, no matter how innovative you are as an artist, you need to take a break from your fans and your art. Or else you will have nothing left to give in say, five years from now.

I probably sound tired or morose writing this. But life has been like that for the past two years. I am glad I have decided to hit the gym after all these years. It helped me in controlling my life, my moods and my time. And yes what life will be without Enya music?

So what’s the theme behind Dark Sky Island? According to Enya:

“This album has a theme of journeys,” Enya said. “Journeys to the island; through the length of a lifetime; through history, through emotions; and journeys across great oceans. So although it’s not a ‘themed’ album, as such, we nevertheless have an underlying connection between songs.” 

Sounds like my life.

Hear the new single Echoes in Rain below:


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