Wow: Why Should I, Abby Green’s 3rd CD

I’sé mo laoch mo Ghile Mear.

He is my hero, my bright strength/spirit.

‘Sé mo Chaesar, Ghile Mear,

He is my Caesar, true strength,- One of the songs from Why should I? by Abby Green

Hey, Baxter Ivon! Check out our friend Abby Green’s new CD!-Christi

Yes that’s my pal and fellow music enthusiast Christi Caughey. If you remember(if you have been following this blog for like three or four years) I posted something about Abby Green. I have been a little bit behind in my game. My hand injury slowed things a bit and yeah, I get sad missing my late mom and going through the motions of doing things through my left hand. But yes, perky Abby Green is back! And she not behind in her game. img_4107-edit-edit_med

The recording is done. She just needs a little help in packing this album to listeners. You can learn more about it by viewing the video here:

You can listen to snippets of each song. Her voice is expressive and joyful as always. I admire the design of her website. I love the colors green, blue and orange. Why Should I? has ten songs. I love Juice of the Barley as of the moment as I really need one. It is a Sunday and I am feeling a little bit Irish haha.

I love her version of Mo Ghile Mear. I love its simplicity and also lack of instrumental accompaniment. It’s just her voice layered multiple times. It gives me a feeling of peace. Like I am inside a cathedral looking at beautiful stained glass windows and smelling burning candles.

Why should I showcases songs in Gaelic(Irish and Scottish) and English. I am excited to get my hands on this. You should too! She launched the album through Kickstarter.

Buy here recordings by going to this link:


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