This week’s beautiful songs

Music is better than coffee. It is timeless and created with the finest musicians and state of the  art studio equiptments. I am always excited with each preview or new releases. Soundcloud is a favorite app I like to explore after work, as it gives me the convenience of listening to different artists while on the go. So check out the latest releases from these fantastic artists!

From Northern Ireland, Eve Williams jumps categories. Her music is eclectic. This is a new song from her. Watch out for upcoming releases from this artist with an angelic voice.

It is always a magical experience uncovering recordings from almost a hundred years ago. Just goes to show that Traditional Irish tunes are timeless and “modern” as they are ancient. This is a fantastic piece  from John McKenna courtesy of TradConnect.

For those who love the festive and jazzy side of Celtic Music, then Sahara have albums you would love to have. We All Believe is as authentic as the story behind the song. Listen to more tunes from this Irish musical couple now based in Australia.

Comprising of big names in the Traditional scene, Ne’er Duwels promise to enchant and electrify. Again from TradConnect.

Wow Triona Marshall reminds me why harp is an amazing instrument!

I hope you enjoyed the tunes. More to come! 


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