ATLAS:The Tale of Two Cillians

They’ve come a long way – performing with their previous and current groups- and have now unveiled an exciting Irish trad duo.

It took two years in my not so accurate memory to witness something exciting from these two stars of traditional Irish music. I am taking about the two Cillians: Cillian King and Cillian Doheny. I know of King from Ealu and Doheny from Moxie. Both have devilish fingers that can tap through hundreds of notes in a few seconds. This agility matched with their youth and photogenic appeal can be intimidating. But this is also part of their assets. They are good to hear and good to look at. Such combination works!
I’ve listened to them perform in their other projects as well as solo artists.The passion for perfection is there. Give them any musical instrument and they will record tunes that will make angels weep. But you might say ATLAS is too young to make such revelation. If you’ve seen their performance in Musicophilia(August 2014) then you’d know what I am talking about. It’s savage and elegant. Everything that we love about traditional Irish music-of the instrumental kind.
I’ve learned that the project has been conceived back in 2009 and it’s only now that this has taken a front seat. Just goes to show that these artists are very serious about crafting and also the emphasis on artistic maturity. They call their style as more ambient folk but still has heavy leanings on traditional Irish music.
What makes these two lads interesting? Just perusing through their influences made me smile: Coldplay, Jon Hopkins,Hanz Zimmer, Chris Thile, Imogen Heap etc. And yeah I listen to these artists too and I am hoping to find their styles seep into one of their recordings.
ATLAS is exciting. It is already showing volcanic promise at its early stage of unveiling. Because they have already mastered their craft before putting this project to the fore makes me really passionate.



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