Soulsha, soul shock!

Let me introduce you to this energetic group from Boston. They combine different genres with Celtic music as the central focus , creating a new style that groovy, pop and fresh. It only takes a minute through A’Ghrian, one of their tunes and be hooked. Yes I have kept them in my radar for weeks and now I am raving about them in this blog. I wish to see more news from Soulsha because I think they can open doors to intelligent music as we are really in need of that these days.
As a fusion project, they combine Scottish and West African traditional music. Think of Afro Celt Sound System as their cousin, with a little bit of funk and urban. Expect the cool singing of Elias Alexander(who also plays the border pipes), The awesome keys and mandolin of Neil Pearlman, the groovy bass of Aaron Bellamy, the wall shaking drums of Joe Galeota, the exciting fiddling of Galen Fraser, the afro beats of Dough Berman and the soulful sax of Dylan Sherry.
Their influences are wide and far – reaching as they include Kila, Michael McGodrick, Tower of Power, Lunasa etc. I am sure you get the picture. I don’t know about you but I can’t stop dancing. The music is really infectious and full of good vibes. No depressing moment. Just lovely grooves and awesome melodies. I encourage you to try listening to Soulsha!



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