Album Review: Across the bridge by Red Sonnet

It is great to be visited by the muse of the cold months. With that comes the kind of music suited for reflection. It is the time of year when people like to stay indoors watching the leaves fall. It is a moment of contemplation and artistic stimulation. It is an honour to introduce this new recording by England-based ambient/folk group Red Sonnet. Their music has been likened to Enya and Clannad due to the haunting female vocals and fascinating melodies. a0134699439_10

The piano is the dominant instrument in this album but there are other gossamer instruments that weave their smoky embellishments around classical and soft rock influenced tunes. I love how the tympani in Across the Bridge creates that epic moment as if I am in Tolkien’s Middle-Earth. And yes that is the title of the album too.

The overall experience is pleasant. I recommend this for people who love Loreena McKennitt, Sarah McLachlan and those I have mentioned earlier.  There are moments when the vocals can sound a bit shy so I would encourage more confidence in future Red Sonnet recordings. But this is a great atmospheric treat and you know me, I LOVE atmosphere.


For a taste of trad and fusion here’s  King & Cillian Doheny with MUSICOPHILIA. I let the purity of the music embraced me again. I remember the first time I started this blog and how this type of music inspired me and the creativity I found within. Perhaps traditional music is mostly technical but if you go further and see it in a different perspective, you will realise the spiritual aspect that has always been elusive but prominent. And I am reconnecting to that source again and hopefully bring you more review.

This is performed by Cillian King and Cillian Doheny. I just found out the name is pronounced as ‘Kill-yan” and not with the Sil-yan as I used to do. Beautiful performance. You can see the listeners love them!


Been listening to this today. This is a perfect tune to welcome Autumn. I am a fan of Robert Doyle so whatever he puts up in his youtube gets me excited. This man is an amazing artist with his strong grasp of contemporary and traditional Irish music. He also expands his interests to include other styles and cultures.

About :Sliabh Russell/Out on the Ocean 

These are two jigs I first heard on Matt Molloy’s classic ‘Heathery Breeze’ album from 1985. The arrangements are by Scottish guitarist Mark Thomson. 

The tuning is DADGAD with capo on 1 and the guitar was built by Frank Tate. 

For more info please visit:


Let me express my huge apologies to this band for not posting this video sooner. I got this on August but was not able to post due to my hectic work schedules. They are based in France specialising in folk and world music. Very good! You should check them out. This is Nabila Dali & band performing the traditional “Bedlam Boys” in Paris on December 6th 2013.
Official Facebook :…


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