Dick Savage Remix of Hot Days by Poitin.

It is past 4 a.am. I am listening to the  amazing remix of Hot Days by Dick Savage. If you are not aware yet, Hot Days is the third album by Poitin. It was released in 2006. It has a more ‘pop’ appeal, focusing more on vocal harmonies and ‘tunes you can sing along.’poitin5

The remixed version contains many surprising things. Think of Sonic Youth meets Nine Inch Nails doing Dubstep but with the soothing sound of Afro Celts. I like the difference. It is good to step out of one’s creative environment once in a while. Just to avoid being pigeonholed I guess. Listening to the remix album of Hot Days gives me a different perspective of Poitin. They are not afraid to experiment with different sounds. My favorite track is Crazy Man Michael for its amazing soundscape.


Dick Savage has an eclectic taste. He fronts a band by the name of Cold Feet. Their music is more post-punk/gothic-oriented, incorporating good melodies. You should check his/their work out through my other blog Sphere Music. I posted their youtube video about a song inspired by author Neil Gaiman.

It’s really a good thing listening to this type of music at 4 a.m. while multitasking with work.

My work starts at 8 but it is nice to get some things done early. Thanks to Poitin and the amazing talent of Dick Savage. You can download the album for free using this link: http://dicksavage.cz/dspi/music/dspi_the_poitin_remixes.zip


Dick Savage


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