Listen to Immigrants & Dissidents by Will Tun and the Wasters


Will Tun and the Wasters released a beautiful and surprising single Immigrants & Dissidents.

I think touring brings out the best in everyone. This is what happened to Will Tun and the Wasters with their new tune Immigrants & Dissidents. By the way if you go to soundcloud it is available as a free download. I suspect this is the direction that they taking if they are going to release an album in the future. Unlike their past recordings (which were geared towards punishing punk energy),this one is ‘sweeter.’ I see the arrival of a more textured sound that’s getting more and more sophisticated as they mature as artists.

You can hear the other instruments in Immigrants & Dissidents. It has a more acoustic feel. Since their break through, I’ve been following this band because of their distinctive sound. They bring something new to the music world. They fuse styles that would have been otherwise odd in the wrong hands. But they made it. They are going steady as they evolve, releasing tunes after another.

Kudos to Will Tun and the Wasters. They know how to give their fans a good time. You should see them live if you a chance!


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