www.tristanlegg.com getting a makeover



That’s it. Bigger Man was an an indication for bigger and better things to come from  Canadian singer songwriter Tristan Legg. His gig calendar is also full for the month of April. More shows are coming up next month.

Tristan Legg

Tristan Legg

He is known for his strong voice and passionate live performances. His influences range from bluegrass, Celtic, folk and rock. Apart from his amiable stage presence and excellent charisma, he also represents the beautiful thriving music of Eastern Canada. His favorite quote is “you know how to read music right? u know what a rest is…? trying using it every now and then” by John Ferguson.

When asked about his musical influences, this is what he has to say:

“My influences range from blues great’s such as B.B. king. Stevie Ray, Garrett Mason,Eric Clapton but also great celtic artist as the Pogues, Gerry O’conner, Planxty, Christy Moore.
Some local artists that have also influenced me not just musically but personally are Darren McMullen, Roger Stone, John Ferguson, Anthony Rissesco, Bruce Timmins, my father and the Gig Dogs. There are also many other great local artist’s that have had a great influence on me which i’am very thankfull for.”

We just have to wait and see for more musical goodies from Tristan Legg. In the meantime, enjoy the two videos below.



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