Catching up with artist Jenne Lennon


Film composer/arranger and kickboxer! Jenne Lennon is the woman of the new century.

For months now I wanted to post something about Jenne Lennon especially her project in South Africa but we never seem to cross paths in the internet. But there are good moments when this happens. This is a candid interview . Well, not really an official one because we are still going to set the time. But it is really important to get the information out. After all blogging is all about telling the world what’s going on. In my case, it’s what’s going on in the world of music.To avoid confusion, I bolded my lines.

JL: There you Are!! I was trying to reach you via Skype for a while. Thought something happened to you due to the Tsunami.

B:I have a new skype account

I see. Are you and your family well? I’m very relieved to hear that.

Jenne Lennon: South Africa changed my life.

Jenne Lennon: South Africa changed my life.

Yes and how about you?

Doing quite well thank you. South Africa changed my life and things here in Chicago are going quite nicely although this was the coldest, longest, winter in Chicago history

Glad to hear. We should have an audio interview soon via Skype.

Absolutely! I would LOVE that

Yeah spring came late in the US.

To late. Only last week in fact hehe we had a snowstorm 2 weeks ago.

Yeah I read the news.

And is it warm over there?

Yes.All he time hahahaha. Sometimes it gets too much.

Jealous….except for those tropical storms in fact. And how is your blog going?

Yes haha!It’s still(blogging) going passionately..weathering storms 😉


I guess what you can’t stop from doing defines who you are or what you are.

Well said!

And how’s music?

Going so well. Did a score and a choral scene for a new film “A Million Miles Away” i’ts one several awards and received many great reviews. I’m working with a NY composer right now on a Broadway project.

Wow.Getting bigger and bigger.

Thank you sir.I hope so. I just want my music to reach a larger audience and have a more significant impact. Film and theatre seems to be a great match for that.

Yes they are great vehicles. I will look for that film.

Please do! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. It’s about the power of music and young women. It’s a short, but is so powerful.The director is called Jennifer Reeder/Producer Steven Hudosh.

I see!Ok cool I will look for it and write about it.

That would be wonderful! I think you’re going to love it. 75% of the music is mine, the whole song in the choral scene is my arrangement, and I worked as the behind the scenes conductor in the film.

Wow.Glad to hear that.

Thank you. It’s my first film. Hope it is not the last.

I hope so too!

Unfortunately, I have to go. I have a kickboxing class. Hehe! Let’s chat soon!Glad you are okay!

Yes take care. And kick it!!!

Thank you


Photo by: By Roland Labana



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