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If you haven’t picked up Down The Irish Gravel Road by Dublin based singer/songwriter Tom Acton yet, then you better. Mr Acton has a wonderful voice and he loves recording happy tunes. I heard three full tracks so far: Sligo Fair (very catchy), The Great Johnny Doran and The Water Song. The latter is very close to my heart because of its beautiful, poignant and somber atmosphere.

I made friends with Tom Acton when I signed up with Live Ireland. I remember him as a friendly and jolly fella. It is great to discover that his talent has a timeless appeal. He has a voice that catches you right away. As if he is meant to be heard on the radio. There are people who are born that way I guess. They are so natural onstage and off stage.

His songs are wrapped up with beautiful instrumental arrangements. These are things that would make you compare the tracks to the likes of Planxty and The Dubliners. But Acton has an original sound. It is a confident style that transcends time. You should hear his album and listen to the lyrics. He has a lot to say. He has a lot to sing about!

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