Siúil a Rún by Belfast Royal Academy

I was listening to  Siúil a Run, a fresh version by Royal Academy early in the morning. That was before doing laundry. Now it’s after laundry and I am writing about them. Nothing like a beautiful track to sooth tired muscles. It’s taken from the upcoming album Native. I love that album cover featuring a cow. I have a feeling it will reflect the pastoral bless of the Northern Irish countryside. It’s under the management of Stubborn Ass Music  so I am really sure it’s going to be amazing!

A little info about this project from Dermot McIlroy:

It was certainly an exciting brief, to produce an album of traditional music in just three weeks or so but we got there. The interesting cover art is a stamp of a Moiled cow (a Moilie), a native cow that our client breeds and hopes to promote through this CD. Thanks to The Bruces Hill Cattle company, Lofbergs coffee and the musicians and staff of Belfast Royal Academy for their help in producing this album. A few snippets of the tracks to follow soon.
Ok that sounds exciting. I have no details yet but I will surely update you about this group. I love the instruments that compliment the fantastic female vocals. “Siúil a Rún” is a traditional Irish song, sung from the point of view of a woman lamenting a lover who has embarked on a military career, and indicating her willingness to support him.



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