The Bombadils are recording a new album

The Bombadils are: Sarah Frank Luke Fraser Anh Phung and Evan Stewart

The Canadian quartet The Bombadils are back in the studio. They are recording new tunes for an upcoming album. Release dates haven’t been confirmed yet. Apart from prepping their schedule calendar for more gigs, they are also expanding their fan base. And it will be made possible by the help of a ‘Street Team.” I got coined that term from a Lifehouse fan base during the early years of their album making. Street Teams are a group of loyal and passionate fans who are willing to advertise, blog or do YouTube promotion for the band. This is to ensure that they go viral.

So what about this new album?

Given their background in Classical, Jazz and Folk music, I am sure this will be an amazing treat to those who already heard their previous album.

This is an interesting phase in the music industry where the fans become the managers, promoters and record executives. This is good news right? We don’t have to rely on the powerful few to run the state of the music we are in. But it is still sad that the majority would rather sit and accept whatever is handed to them instead of taking action. Now is the time people. let’s start a revolution. Go out there and voice your opinion. Turn on your computers and start blogging about your favorite bands.

Are you one of those who are fervent supporters of your kind of music? What do you do to promote your favorite band? Feel free to share your views in this matter.


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