Bigger Man by Tristan Legg

I have a huge globe in my mind and I see artists representing geographical locations. There is always something wonderful about musicians  making their places known. “Where is he from?” That’s the usual question that pops up when a singer/songwriter mak401183_335913886421701_521508820_nes a good impression. What can I say? That interview with him is s tuck in my head. I am all ears when it comes to his latest releases.

He’s from Nova Scotia. Aha! The same place that gave birth to world-class talents. His music has a universal appeal. He always gives something fresh to known genres and fuse them with references that you might not have heard before. Bigger Man is a journey into the world of Irish folk and Bluegrass with a bit of country. This could probably be the start of a new album!  Check this raw recording out and make this as a soundtrack to the start of the week.

If you want to know more about this artist, visit his website:

Gig schedule:


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