Fantastic Album: At your Call by The Buachaills

The Buachaills

The Buachaills

If you recall, I wrote about the The Buachaills in my previous post. I am really glad to get to listen to “At your Call” ahead of the official release. The album will be available on May 10th 2014. So all you music fanatics and supporters of the genre, let this album bolt out of the doors when it hits the stores. Make it a great event!

The album has good opening and closing track.

At Your Call which is the title track reminds me of the lost glory of 90s Alternative bands like Toad the Wet Sprocket and Jars of Clay. My friends at The London Celtic Punks already wrote a review so you might want to check that out. Combining the beauty of Irish instruments and good songwriting, this song is unique, explosive and inspiring. The chorus has vocal melodies that goes ” Someday soon we’ll find the words to say.” The lyrics and the melody float together making this a perfect song. If they need me to carry the torch all the way to top 40 radio for modern rock tracks then I will carry it for this song!

The same goes for Baker Street (Which is their first single with an awesome video above). If you like something by Chris Isaak, Bible Code Sundays, Alice in Chains and anything with these bands combined, then you will love everything you hear in At Your Call. You Couldn’t Have Come At A Better Time, showcases the perky tin whistle and sing along chorus.

King of The Fairies pays tribute to the Irish myth. In this tune, they explored their haunting and atmospheric side. This is actually my kind of ‘Celtic music’ as the genre is meant to transport you.

There is another surprise. It’s the brilliant remake of Will Ye Go Lassie Go(Which I originally heard from Mountain Goats). Lovers of Light has pure rhythmic fun as it showcases world favors on top of the irresistible beat and sumptuous uilleann pipe sounds. Little Creatures closes this beautiful album with its energetic and haunting nature.
The band’s strong point are the following: Their use of vocal harmonies. The second is their songwriting style which is very contemporary  and which has the capacity to jump genres. Next is of course, the instruments.

Be sure to get this album when it comes out on May.

The album was produced by Ciaran O’Shea who has worked with Linken Park , Bush and the Frank and Walters to name a few.

It was mastered in New Zealand by Darren O’Reilly (Clannad).


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