Cumha by Brendan Ring and Podcast #27

A sample of his new harp cd ‘Cumha’.
Pibroch Prelude/Sheila’s Cumha

This week’s big shout out goes to harp maker Timothy Des Roches who recommended this video to me. Through his keen sense of music I was able to listen to more of Brendan Ring . I think it is a kind of music I can listen to all day and just forget that world out there is chaotic. There is that delicate style that he has mastered playing this amazing Celtic harp. The instrument is small but boasts a resonating factor to the soul.

Brendan Ring

Brendan Ring

Cumha is his new album. It is a Scottish Gaelic term which is synonymous to the following: lamentelegydirge. The first part is really slow and sad but it builds up into something hopeful. It’s saying something like, physical death is not the end of everything. There is another world that continues to live on after this world is gone. The Celts have this deep belief in the immortality of the soul. All things are interrelated. I think this makes sense in a level of quantum physics. We continue to live as our energy is transformed into something else. And there is also that theory of parallel universe and the many versions of us based on the decisions we make in life.

It is wonderful how music reminds us both of our humanity and also that we are made of the same stuff as the stars above. Brendan Ring has creative a ripple in the Celtic music world with his beautiful music and what it stands for.


I really enjoyed last Saturday’s radio show as I introduced tunes you probably never heard anything yet.

Creeds Cross -The Irish Band
Brutus’ Daughters-No Battle
Steven Hawson-Interview
Connie Dover-Shenandoah
J.P. Kallo-Us Against the World
Once a Tree-Light me Up
Once a Tree-Coastal Rain
Twist to Break Seal-I Ran
Layne Greene(Gregory Alan Isakov Cover)-Second Chances-
Samuel Smith-Bantry Bay


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