Creeds Cross: Gods & Fighting Men Is My Energy Music!

The Album features an all star line up of musicians including Pete Jupp (FM) Drums, Bob Skeat (Wishbone Ash) Bass, Pat McManus (Mamas Boys and Celtus) Fiddle, and Brian Kelly (Shane McGowan) on Banjo. Paddy Rock takes on a new twist with this guitar driven traditionally influenced release. It’s a journey from mayhem to melancholy, stopping at every pub in between-Creeds Cross Website.

Harnessing the power of a broad musical spectrum, Creeds Cross crafted an album that will appeal to many listeners. They also made a good musical representation with their (visually pleasing) video for The Irish Band. The album has eleven tracks that celebrate the passionate spirit of Irish rock. What I admire about this recording is its natural vibe that flows. It doesn’t matter what tempo, the passion rubs on you right away.

The Irish Band is a perfect introduction to the music of the band, and I guess that’s the main reason it is their first single. Fiddles, banjos and other instruments wrapped this uplifting tune. Precision is the thing that marks their playing. No loose ends there.

I like the way the drummer(Pete Jupp) hammers the snare in One by One. People can call their music Paddy rock or any way they want to call it. But for me it is simply this: Beautiful music! A kind of album you should take with you when you go on a trip somewhere far away. The energy screams caffeine and after several listens, you will realize how easy it is to memorize all the songs in Gods & Fighting Men.

Good Enough is a good power ballad suited for a huge arena. Bart Foley proves that he has remarkable vocal pipes, enough to make the gods stop in their tracks. The title track Gods & Fighting Men sounds like it has a potential for second single. It has this loud and confident style that most young people really dig these days. I’m Coming Home has a very Americana feel. I love it because it makes me smile when I hear it. Two thumbs up for the banjo player(Brian Kelly). I also love Half a Chance for its power to make me want to dance-pogo dancing that is…

For those who are into the softer side of music, listen to A Lullaby. It’s really a good song with awesome mandolin playing. When you reach the chorus part it feels like you are flying.

You can buy Gods & Fighting Men here:

From Gods & Fighting Men video shoot.


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