The Otherworldly Appeal of Under a Red Night Sky by Martin Tourish


MartinTourish Sleeve Notes-crop1-crop3

Martin Tourish is back with an album that promises to enchant and enrich the soul with historical content in twelve artfully crafted tracks.

I compare the experience to watching a UFO land. The beautiful album cover alone ( orange, red , black and a bird silhouette ) is telling. Under a Red Night Sky also presents the involvement of Tim Edey and the technical talent of Alexis Nealon who engineered and mastered this superb recording. I checked out the list of artists in the liner notes and I give it a two thumbs up. Or even three.

It’s an eclectic mix of traditional melodies, classical influences and samples from music archives that showcase the stories behind the tunes. In my dark bedroom, it seems as if the ceiling opens up to reveal a wild, fantastic and beautifully scary world that is inhabited by primal emotions. This album is very visual.

It is easy to get lost in the beautiful music of Martin Tourish whom I wrote about more than a year ago, highlighting his achievements (being able to perform with legendary personalities including NASA astronaut Cady Coleman). Under a Red Night Sky is a testament to his sophisticated command of technique and composition.

It is hard to choose my favorite tracks out of the twelve because, each tune has its story to tell. Variation on a Theme from a James Tourish Collection (track 6)is a favorite due to its emphasis on nuance and atmosphere. I also love Imagined Communities because it features  John Doherty’s voice which enhances the ambience. The other stand out track for me is Horseman, Pass By. It is the last track in the album. Being alone in the dark and listening to this gives me goosebumps. You know what they say about the curtain between the physical world and the unseen becomes thin- it’s exactly the feeling I have.

Under a Red Night Sky plays like a good fantasy/historical/sci-fi novel. You don’t want to miss a chapter. All the meticulous love for detail of talents involved in the making of this album are evident as you listen again and again. It is something you can listen to ten years from now and realize how timeless and beautiful it is.

MartinTourish Sleeve Notes-crop1-crop2


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