Sharon Corr Sings:We Could Be Lovers from “The Same Sun.”

I’ve just finished watching the new music video by the ‘other sister’ of The Corrs, Sharon Corr. It’s called We Could Be Lovers. I got insomnia and instead of being useless, I decided to open my laptop and see what the rave is all about. I admit I was thinking this post should go to my other blog because the song is more pop than Celtic. But The Corrs have always been pop even though they introduced Traditional Irish music in their subsequent albums. I was expecting to see her playing the fiddle in this video but I know that she doesn’t need to prove that. What she is trying to prove is that she can actually sing. And she has a beautiful voice!

The video features Corr in a sultry image trying to seduce a ‘tamed’ Irish guy. The lyrics show that longing for the possibility to be in a relationship with someone who seems to be preoccupied with his goals in life and has little time for intimacy. But in the end of the video, our beautiful Irish chanteuse proves that she wins. The track has that bouncy folk style that is acoustic guitar driven.

Of all the sisters, I find Sharon Corr to be the most attractive and sweet. It is great to see her touring and promoting the new album “The Same Sun.” American fans will get to see her perform at the Aladdin theater on February 23, courtesy of 67 Music.


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