Anticipation Building for The Buachaills

Aaron Dolan – Uilleann Pipes, Whistles, Vocals.

 Chris Carey – Drums , Percussion , Vocals.

 Eoin Murphy -Bouzouki, Mandolin , Guitar , Vocals.

 James Fleming – Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals.

Hometown: Cork


I used to plan what I post in the past. I decide what day I should post updates and what type of artist or music it should be. These days I don’t care. There are too many bands and albums out there and not enough time. I also want to point out that these albums are amazing. A lot of time and effort have been crafted in these albums. The only thing is that only few get to see the light of day and make their way into the huge pool of listeners. That is why time is of the essence. Why wait for the album release when bands can announce that they are recording something.

Usually a teaser or one song will already tell you what the band is capable of achieving in terms of craft and music. One example is Little Creatures by The Buachaills. A brief info about the track follows:

The last song on The Buachaills up-coming album “At Your Call” which features a poem from James Stephens, “Little Things”. The Buachaills are Aaron Dolan, Chris Carey, Eoin Murphy and James Fleming. The Buachaills are one of Ireland’s top folk acts blending traditional Irish music with contemporary folk/rock sounds and are the official House band of Thomond Park Stadium.

The lively beat accentuated by beautiful melodies and irresistible uilleann pipes really tell you a lot about them. It sounds so unique yet so contemporary that you can play it in your car stereo or anywhere.


Eoin Murphy said that the debut album “At your call”will be released worldwide on May 10th. Good for him to tell us about it this early. Anticipation is building. This is definitely something I look forward to!


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