Martin Furey about The High Kings: Singing in Different Places including The White House

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I am glad to get one of The High Kings do an interview. We have no other than Martin Furey who is the eldest son of Ireland’s ‘Prince of Pipers’ Finbar Furey. He also does  vocals, guitar and low whistle for The High Kings.  With Darren Holden, Finbarr Clancy and Brian Dunphy, the four form an indomitable power group.  So, like any listener, I am curious what it’s like being them.

Their new album Friends for Life is now out.


1. Memory Lane is a fantastic album! You must have been excited when the opportunity came up with Friends for Life? 


Oh yes it affirmed my belief in the Love of God to know that dreams really can come true and to be careful what we wish for, both since with great fame comes great responsibility 🙂


2. Gucci is my favorite song. It has something I have never heard in any song before. How did you come up with that kind of vocal style?  


I listened to the best musician God ever put on the earth,Finbar Furey ,my father and tried to get as close to his style as possible as myself.Its a style of playing handed down in my family from generation to generation which is also popular in American music though I am not saying I know how that happened…;)


3. Johnny Leave Her is the only a capella song yet it stands out as something easy to sing along. What’s the story behind this?  


There were four fellas at sea, the shortest one was trouble the largest one was easily lead and the middle two loved cards but got into an argument about a hand and so came the phrase ‘”leave her'”…Johnny I don’t know what a Johnny is doing in the song but there it is all the same,maybe he was a stowaway???


4. You already release live recordings and also toured many times. How do you keep it fresh and continue to be inspired to record songs. 


The audience keeps it fresh it’s lovely to see a sea of faces who are enjoying their could you not give your very heart in return for such heart in support.  


5. What should every artist know when one is being catapulted into international success and meeting all kinds of people. What’s the big yes and no?  


Have noticed one of either, just do what you want at all times, we are all born free and it is worth any conflict to maintain. Don’t be guilted into bullshit scenarios and do call a cheap shot a cheap shot and do be yourself no matter what they say like Sting said.


6. The four of you were invited to perform at the Official St Patrick’s Day Celebrations at The White House. How was the feeling rubbing shoulders with US President Barack Obama and Taoiseach Enda Kenny?  


Another day at the office for all concerned. Good to meet him, I reiki’d him for a minute that was the best I could do for the man. Cool guy considering his obligations but I won’t support him fully til he lets snoop lion perform his new songs at the White House nor will I forgive him if I don’t get an invite 😉 Lovely atmosphere in the home which I have to hand to Michelle obviously, she really knows how to put people at their ease


7. Being in The High Kings, do you still get royal treatments when you go home to Ireland? 


I am not the type of person that requires the trappings on any continent. Where do the folks hang out?

Big thanks to Anita Daly for making this possible.


4 Replies to “Martin Furey about The High Kings: Singing in Different Places including The White House”

  1. This group keeps growing in their musical gifts to those of us who love them! So good to hear from my favorite of the group – probably because I love his father as well and he often echos his passion! 🙂


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