Bodhrán Theory and Technique-Where the best bodhran tutors hangout


Bodhrán Theory and Technique-Where the best bodhran tutors hangout

Only a few hours joining the page called Bodhrán Theory and Technique and I got an awesome welcome. Bodhran masters like Jacob McCauley, Matthew Bell and Australian percussionist Jeremy Sibson are frequent visitors. Members post amazing links that newcomers can learn. I think my journey as a bodhran student is more on info gathering. I want to share the discovery to other aspiring musicians. Of course the perks of learning the instrument is being able to play in a local Celtic band. And I already got an invite from my friend Ralph who plays the tin whistle in his own band.

I will be interviewing bodhran teachers in my upcoming posts. In the meantime, I invite you to visit Bodhrán Theory and Technique. Feel at home and post your ideas.

Disclaimer from the page: Bodhrán Theory and Technique group is for the open discussion, critique of language, concepts, theory used associated with and the analysis of technique and the sharing of exercises, lessons for the furthering of the art of playing music of any kind on the Bodhrán.

Anything that is not a discussion on the aforementioned may end up being removed!

Don’t worry it still can be fun!

Haha I like the idea of fun while learning.

Here’s the link:


Ireland Timelapse from Lucie S on Vimeo.

My friend Jeremy King of Poitin shared this amazing video made by her friend(an uilleann piper, she’s Czech, works as a vet in Ireland, (that’s a story in itself, isn’t it!?)  called Lucie Šmahelová . She’s just made this beautiful video of the places around where she lives).



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