Jack Raven’s Whores Plus Podcast #23


Anyone who loves good old whiskey will find something familiar with the band’s logo. Think of  Jack Daniel’s and Jack Sparrow-then you get the idea behind the logo of the band Jack Raven’s Whores. Ok I admit I am not confident to say the last word out loud but these guys have the right to be confident with their music.




Combining Irish folk, Balkan, sailor music (and a hint Breton music)l; they weave songs that celebrate the wild adventures straight out of a pirate movie. In terms of craft, they are serious. Bad Trip is  their latest single. It has a long instrumental intro. But then it dips into a beautiful folk song.  The band are:Greg Raven(Lead vocals and guitar), Cormac Jones(Vocals and Mandolin), Mathieu Vigouroux(Clarinet and tin whistle), and Ju Rosh Lcmte(Fiddle).




Podcast # 23


My latest radio show is now available on podcast. Visit the link and enjoy great music!

The High Kings-All Around the World
The High Kings-Come with Me Now
The High Kings-Gucci
The High Kings-Friends for Life
The High Kings-Galway Girl
The High Kings-Health to the Company
The High Kings-Peggy Gordon
Steven Hawson-Maids: In the Meadow; At the Churn; At the Spinning Wheel
Ashley MacIsaac-Devil In The Kitchen
Lisa Gerrard-Sanvean: I Am Your Shadow
Sleepthief-Skimming Stones
J.P. Kallio-Northern Boy
Siouxsie Sioux-Heaven and Alchemy
Samuel Smith-The Way of the World


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